Dreams are Weird (Short Story)

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(This was a dream of an encounter between consenting adults)


They rarely have a preamble, and they’re hard to hang on to, but I remember her well. Short Chestnut hair, a mousey face with a cute button nose. She wore a pink blouse over white denim shorts. But what struck me most was what she was doing.

The conversation was light, talking about family coming down for the holiday, trying to figure out what we were going to do with them. Where would they start, what fun things can we do, what would we feed them, and the like. The conversation was a bit difficult to have, however, as she had to pull her mouth away from my cock every time she wanted to speak. This naturally made it difficult for me as well, having a dainty face staring up at me, a thin film of spit dripping out of the corners of her mouth as she slowly pushes me down her throat. I was further hampered by a pressing need to pee, as well, though my dream self was largely unconcerned with it.

We were by no means in a rush to finish the chat, as she would illegal bahis take pause to bob up and down with more vigor, using a small hand to stroke me briefly while she sucked on my tip. I briefly recall the conversation moving along in spurts as even when she wasn’t talking I was still having trouble connecting thoughts. I was far too focused on grabbing her short hair to feel her head bob as she moved her lips on me. I briefly pushed her until I was deep in her throat and held her steady for a moment, taking advantage of the relative stillness to form a sentence before letting her come back up for air and to comment on whatever part we were at. Again, as I tried to reply, she went back to sucking, this time more gently as she fondled my balls, trying to coax more than cum from me.

She seemed to know me intimately, and was working just enough to keep me on the edge of relief. Enough pleasure to keep me stirred up, too hard to let go, but the pressing bladder was too much to go much further. When she felt me relaxing she would bring illegal bahis siteleri a finger to my ass and push it in, making it impossible to think about anything but pleasure, not to mention the sentences i was trying to get out. Once that wave crested she would pull it out and focus back on my throbbing head once again.

Finally, the more base needs took over and I began to empty myself. I tried to talk casually as she let me pee, swallowing every drop without complaint, but the relief was a distraction in and if itself. As I slackened off to a dribble, she pulled off and let the last bits leak onto her chin to tell me about some plan she thought she could do with the visiting guests.

I couldn’t stop myself from stiffening up again at her cavalier attitude towards the treatment she was giving me, as she seemed to enjoy her role in my pleasure, and was soon back to her oral activities. She was more enthusiastic at first, taking me in in full, with a quickened pace, as if daring me to try and talk around her activity. I canlı bahis siteleri did try, of course, but my words were spotted with pause, and ideas came out half formed as she swirled her tongue along the sensitive tip.

Something compelled me to try, some hidden knowledge that comes with being in a dream. I watched as she held my tip just past her lips and stroked me. She seemed unable to make up her mind if she wanted to continue the conversation or the activity, and her techniques and vigor varied. One moment she was trying to lick my balls as she let me twitch deep in her throat, the next she would pull me out entirely and drag her tongue along the length of me before resting the my head on her lower lip and slowly speaking her idea on the subject, her words seemingly deliberately chosen to provoke a long response from me, so she could chuckle softly while I stumbled through it. Finally she decided it was time to do more with our day, and dove down onto me. She cocked an eyebrow as she looked up at me, her motions smooth, as she used her mouth and throat to bring me the quick action I needed to come over the edge. I didn’t last long after, and watched her pull off in time to spill myself across her face. I woke up with a tight grip on my sheets, feeling like she got what she was after.

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