Coonskin Hat

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Big Tits

On his head was a coonskin hat and down below was a bush almost as thick as the fur hat on his head. And rising from that bush was a meaty tool that looked as long and thick as the raccoon tail hanging off his hat. Only it was hard and hairless.

My eyes were popping from the size of that pole. If I had thought I was expected to take it, I’d have run out of there so fast you’d have seen nothing but a blur. The one who was planning on taking it had wide eyes too. But they were shining with lust, not horror.

This great hairy beast in the coonskin hat gyrating in my living room was a birthday present for my houseboy, Glen. He’d said he liked them big and muscular, and hairy and rough. Well occasionally, anyway, he added, fluttering his lashes at me. I worked out and did a lot of physical work, but we had been together for a few months and I was not in the same category as the Daniel Boon escort I had arranged for his birthday.

I had shuddered at the sight of Daniel Boone when he arrived on the doorstep, while Glen seemed to be trembling and quivering with excitement, eyes glazed and lips parted as soon as they were introduced. Glen’s hand had quickly moved to his package, which was obviously filling out. Filling a lot faster than it ever did for me, I thought with a frown. In fact, I was starting to wonder if this had been a good idea.

I was torn—would I go, or would I stay and watch? After all, it was Glen’s present and his special day. And I am naturally a shy person. But I never got to decide the answer to that one. Events sort of took over.

“So, you’re the birthday boy,” Coonskin said, looking Glen up and down and licking his lips after I had waved him inside the living room. Before that he had been looking me up and down and licking his lips. His bio had said he was versatile .”It’s so hot in here, Glen. How about I get casino siteleri out of my jacket,” he said, and Glen almost swooned.

“Drinks,” I interrupted, getting the champagne out and opening it as Coonskin stood in the middle of the living room rotating his hips as he removed his fringed, imitation-suede jacket—slowly and sexily. Then he was running a hand up and down over the bulge in the front of his fringed imitation suede pants. With the other hand he took a glass of champagne and tossed it back in one gulp. Glen seemed to be shaking so much he spilt more champagne than he drank and broke the glass.

The guy was a massive hunk, but I wanted to take him down a notch or two. Glen was looking far too interested.

“You like what you’re seeing, birthday boy?” Coonskin growled as he ripped off the shirt he had on under the jacket.

He really ripped it off, tore it into three pieces as he did, and I was impressed. By the ripping, and by what was under it. Fake tan. I knew it was fake tan, and probably steroids, but it looked perfect. Abs to die for and a golden tan only male models could really show off properly. He was worth the money. Not my type, of course. I like them more lean and docile, but . . .

Glen did a puppy-dog bum wiggle as the ripped shirt was tossed away, knocked over his second champagne glass, his dick already tenting his pants, and gasped, “Oh, you are so big, so big, so . . . Oh . . .”

I looked over at Glen, frowning. Appreciating his gift was one thing, but lustful dribbling was another. Coonskin hat then dropped his imitation suede fringed pants to reveal a G-string, with a raccoon tail pictured on the outside and his dick moving inside it, struggling to get out. He moved toward Glen who seemed to levitate from the sofa and fall to his knees before Daniel Boone, laying his hands and mouth on the slot oyna fabric. Only the G-string seemed to have suddenly disappeared—I momentarily wondered if Glen had swallowed it—revealing his thick hairy bush and a cock that made the raccoon tail look . . . small. Daniel Boone still wore his hat, but nothing else except a big smile and a thick, long erection.

I didn’t get to see it for long though, because Glen swallowed it with more ease and speed than he ever swallowed mine, his hands moving to massage Daniel’s muscular butt cheeks as Daniel leant over and stripped off Glen’s shirt. Glen suddenly gave up the cock and rose up, dropped and stripped off his jeans and briefs, returned to his knees, and had the cock at the back of his throat faster than I could say “raccoon.”

Daniel Boone was moving his hips in a circular motion. He grasped Glen’s hair in a fist and, singing, “Daniel Boone, Daniel Boone, raccoon man,” jerked it back and forth. Glen had been stroking himself but now he needed both hands on Daniel’s hips to keep himself steady.

Daniel slowed the pace and pulled Glen’s head back, forcing his mouth off Daniel’s cock, and bent to kiss him on the lips. “Time I gave you some attention birthday boy,” he growled. Oddly, he gave me a slit-eyed look as he said it. I wondered why, vaguely, but my hand was too busy working my cock for me to really pay attention.

Daniel pulled Glen up and, turning him smartly, laid him across the back of the sofa. I knew what was coming next. Well, I thought I did, because I was about to explode. But before I could come, Daniel Boone had wiped two lube slicked fingers over Glen’s slack hole and turned him over and rammed his big cock in. Glen threw his head back and cried “Oh yes. Oh yes. Fuck the shit outta me, man.”

I came. Daniel looked over at my cock spouting cum, as he pumped Glen’s ass. canlı casino siteleri Glen pawed at Daniel’s full pecs and wrapped his legs about his hips and joined in the pumping. Daniel stroked Glen’s dick and squeezed his balls and Glen came quickly. I was sure Daniel hadn’t come yet.

Daniel was still eyeing my cock as Glen sank back into the sofa before rising up and trying to take Daniel’s cock into his mouth again. Daniel pushed him off.

“I think the man who is paying wants to play now,” he growled, while looking me in the eye.

I was sitting in the recliner with my legs spread and my now-softening cock in my hand. Before I could move, Daniel had knelt between my feet and leant in and taken my cock in his mouth and my balls between his fingers and was giving me the benefit of his experience. I had never had a man get me so hard so fast a second time.

And when I was hard he moved onto his hands and knees and turned his ass to me, looking at me with a lustful expression on his face. “Stroke me, daddy,” he said.

I knelt behind him and took my time getting inside him, I knew what I wanted, and I am a guy who likes to get what I want. When I was in, he showed that his ass was as experienced as his mouth. It pulled me in and moved over me in waves as I slow pumped him. I struggled not to come too soon, and I had a hand on his cock and was working that as I pumped.

He started to pull away from me, but I followed him, leaning over his back and resting my weight on it so he couldn’t stand up. I worked his cock and his ass faster and harder and struggled to keep him under me. When the tail on his coonskin hat started to flap about, I knew he was caught up in the fuck at last, and when his hips started to push back to meet my thrusts, I knew I had won.

As soon as I felt him coming I let myself go and shouted my relief as I spouted inside him. We came together and collapsed onto the floor in a panting heap.

“I have a vacancy for a houseboy,” I said, “are you interested?”

It had been a much better fuck than Glen had ever given me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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