Birthday Hot Tub Party Ch. 01

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With special sequence by MissBoePeep

Edited by MissBoePeep

The following is based on a true story. Most of the names have not been changed and are used with permission. I love to hear feedback, so feel free to comment.

Arriving home after a late night at work, Woody was tired and hungry. Peeling out of his shirt and tie, he stepped out of his pants, leaving them strewn on the sofa. He went to the refrigerator in his boxers and t-shirt. Thankful the leftovers from the weekend party were still there, Woody grabbed some cold pizza and flipped on the laptop. He launched his e-mail as he chewed on the cardboard-like stale slice. He saw the invitation.

The note from Sandy was short:
HI Woody!
Hot tub party Friday. Be there or be square. Celebrating Linda’s birthday with Beth, maybe Terri, me and YOU! Should get there around 5. Let me know!
Kisses, Sandy

Woody had actually never met Sandy in person. He had been introduced to her through friends on Yahoo chat. They’d been friends on facebook and other online sites ever since, and even though they lived close by, they just never had the opportunity to connect. Sandy is a gorgeous 42-year young woman with blond and brunette-streaked, shoulder-length hair. She wasn’t thin, but with full hips, had the kind of shape men loved. She also had a smile to die for. Sandy’s D-cup breasts were her most prominent feature, and she wasn’t shy about showing her ample cleavage to the world, for which, in turn, the world was appreciative.

She is a professional advertising executive, and was actually pretty conservative in her work life. Her personal life was another story. Married for five years, she had been divorced for six. Sandy enjoyed her single life. Although she called herself bisexual, her interests lately had been strictly female. She had described details of several of her exploits to Woody who, of course, lusted accordingly. So it was a little surprising that the invite came to him, a man.

The names of some of the other women she listed in the invitation was also a little unexpected. Linda was the youngest, having just turned eighteen a little while ago. Apparently this was the reason for the party. She is a petite redhead who was introduced to Sandy through Sandy’s niece, who was her teammate on the cheerleader squad. Woody had only seen pictures of her. He knew from previous conversations with Sandy that Linda was a virgin, at least in terms of sex with boys, but had “played around” a bit with girls. From the pictures he saw of her, some taken by Sandy, Woody assumed that Sandy had taken full advantage of her sensual curiosity.

If Woody was right, Linda was actually Sandy’s new girl-in-training. Yes, Sandy had a thing for the young ones, and Linda enjoyed the attention from such a beautiful, experienced woman. Before they met, Linda had thought she was alone with her feeling of not quite fitting in. She had kissed a few guys only to try to keep up with her friends, some of whom were way ahead of her in terms of sexual experimentation. But Linda wasn’t that interested in pursuing the jocks that her cheerleader friends did. Her feelings for other girls disturbed her a little, but also excited her fantasies. The attention she received from her friend’s Aunt Sandy made those feelings even more intense. Sandy sat and spoke to her as a person; talking and listening to her as if they were the same age. She felt so comfortable with the older woman that it really didn’t seem to her as if there was much of an age difference. The more they talked, the more Linda shared her feelings. And the more Sandy related to those feelings by sharing her own experiences.

Sandy told Linda about her exploration of her interest in girls when she was a few years younger than Linda. As Sandy shared the story of her older friend seducing her while they were swimming at the beach camp all those years ago, Linda listened, relaxing. She could relate to Sandy’s feelings precisely. At the time, Sandy was excited by the attention from her older friend, and had even had several sexual fantasies about her. When the friend actually kissed her for the first time, Sandy said it felt natural. As Sandy revealed more details of that event, Linda could feel her own excitement building. Linda was able to vividly picture the events unfolding in her mind with Sandy’s storytelling prowess. Linda could almost see Sandy and her friend, all those years ago, as they touched each others’ bodies for the first time. Hearing Sandy tell the story, Linda had squirmed and pressed her legs together on the couch, something Sandy didn’t miss. Later that evening Sandy, who had been stroking Linda’s hair as they talked, kissed her for the first time. It was just a light kiss, but one that Linda would never forget. Since then, Linda had been over to Sandy’s house a few times, and the kissing had progressed to skinny dipping together in her hot tub, and Linda posing in lingerie while Sandy took pictures. They even progressed to taking canlı bahis some partial nudes of each other. Being the object of this gorgeous woman’s attention was extremely exciting to Linda, and she enjoyed every minute with her sexual mentor. As the encounters continued, Linda continued to learn, including the use of many of Sandy’s toys and special techniques to satisfy.

The other young woman mentioned in the invitation, Beth, is twenty-two years old and a college student. Woody met Beth a couple of times over the past few years. She was an avowed lipstick lesbian, and had several girlfriends over the short time he’d known her. Beth was a very pretty brunette, perky 36B breasts, and full lips. Probably her best feature was her round ass, something she liked to display in her very tight shorts or spandex pants.

Beth had also been in the famous hot tub of Sandy’s. The first time was a party at Sandy’s house with about thirty other people. Beth watched as Sandy moved through the crowd, the perfect hostess. She was enthralled with the classy lady’s ability to talk to anyone. Beth was surprised that Sandy had spent so much time with her, considering the amount of guests she had. There was an almost electric attraction that Beth felt with her when they were close. Maybe it had to do with the vodka that Beth was drinking, but she didn’t think so. Sandy would put her hand on Beth’s arm, or smile in a certain way. Beth was the last to leave that night. She offered to help Sandy clean up, but Sandy wouldn’t hear of it. Both wound up in the hot tub, relaxing together after a long evening. Neither bothered to put on a swim suit, and Beth watched as Sandy nonchalantly took off her top and bra as she entered the bubbly, warm water. She stood in a corner of the Jacuzzi in her black lace boy shorts, and motioned for Beth to join her as she sat down to enjoy the jets. Beth’s excitement was peaking and she stripped out of her navy blue sundress, stepping into the tub wearing only her light blue thong, Sandy’s eyes followed her as she lowered herself into the bubbling water.

That evening, Beth was introduced to Sandy’s unique sensuality. As they got used to the temperature, Sandy invited her to sit on her lap in one corner of the Jacuzzi. Beth did not hesitate, moving across the tub a bit unsteadily, pausing before her older friend. Again, Beth watched Sandy’s eyes roaming her topless body. Beth then slowly turned her back to Sandy. Sandy now enjoyed the view of Beth’s perfect ass, covered only by the thin string of her soaked panties. She gave her young friend’s ass a playful spank. Beth giggled as Sandy put her arms around Beth’s waist, gently pulling her down to her lap, caressing her stomach. Their bodies pressing together, Beth leaned back against Sandy’s full breasts and extended her legs comfortably. As the bubbles caressed both women’s bodies, Sandy’s hands began to roam over Beth’s perky breasts, kneading them, flicking her fingers over Beth’s rock-hard nipples. Beth leaned back, relaxed and moaned as Sandy moved her long hair aside, so she could kiss her neck and nibble her ear

Beth slept in Sandy’s bed that evening and several times after that. Beth and Sandy’s current relationship was a kind of “friends-with-benefits” arrangement.

The other person in the invitation, Terri, is a woman Woody had dated off and on for a few years; currently off. She was thirty-one, a thin but shapely body with 34C breasts. Her dyed red hair seemed to make her pretty blue eyes even more striking. Terri and Woody’s sexual relationship was always passionate, and they kept in touch even during the off-times. They had often talked about getting together with Beth or Sandy, as Terri was extremely bi-curious. The four of them had several lesbian three-and-four-way on-line fantasies together but were just unable to work out a time and place in person. Terri and Woody had a few long-distance webcam masturbation sessions with both Sandy and Beth, each of them touching their own bodies in the comfort of their own homes, each of them writing out their fantasies about each other in a private chat room.

Woody is a six foot one inch 45 year old redhead in reasonably good physical shape, with brown eyes and a trimmed goatee that sports just a little grey. An avid amateur athlete, he loved sports and fast motorcycles. With a cock of about seven inches, he wasn’t a porn star, but was quite thick. After all these years, he knew what to do to please a woman, he thought. And it was true. Although he had been through several relationships, sex was never an issue with any of them. He very much enjoyed giving, especially oral, to a woman first. His goal was to be the last to orgasm, preferably after more than one from his partner.

What Woody didn’t know is that Sandy especially enjoyed watching him masturbate on his webcam for her. In the evening, she would often get a glass of wine, changing into her long sleep shirt, grab her laptop, sit on her bed, and look for Woody and Terri online. bahis siteleri Although she really did prefer women, something about Woody got her excited. Their online conversations often turned sexual very quickly, to Sandy’s delight. Her question to him, “are you hard now?” was almost always responded to in the affirmative. Woody would then offer to show her, and she viewed the close-up of his beautiful, shaved hard cock. The man could certainly keep it up! They would chat for hours while he stroked slowly. In that time, Sandy would be ready too. She often got her mini-vibrator and touched herself lightly, running it over her hardening clit just enough to stimulate herself to the brink as they chatted while she watched him. She would pinch her own large, light-brown nipples, with her free hand. Finally, after their chatting got even hotter, they would orgasm together.

Sitting at the laptop thinking about Sandy’s note and the women, Woody’s cock refused to lie still. He knew this party was something he didn’t want to miss. Sandy often talked about her hot tub as a place of sensual delights, with her various girlfriends enjoying all she had to offer. Woody’s own fantasies started to form, as he wondered what exactly one man would do with four women. There were many possibilities, he thought, for sure. Woody’s boxers allowed room for his hardness to expand, and soon was a full blown, thick hard-on. He rubbed it lightly through the thin fabric, feeling the thickness with his fingers. Soon his hunger for food turned to hunger for sex, and he began to rub it with more intensity as it grew under his palm.

Knowing he would need to release soon, Woody went to his go-to masturbation aid, a video that Terri and he had made during one of their romps. They had recorded several sessions, doing the best they could to record some hot action with a tripod and remote control on the video camera. Woody’s choice this time was a video they made where Woody sat in a chair, the camera facing him, and Terri sat on his erect cock in reverse cowgirl style. He started the video on his laptop and watched the screen as she moved to straddle him. Terri, also facing the camera, lowered her sexy, naked body, easily guiding his hardness into her wet, shaved pussy. As she lowered all the way, she stopped, sighing loudly as she let the sensation of Woody’s cock filling her settle over her body. Her beautiful breasts then started to bounce as she began to ride him up and down. The camera was positioned perfectly, giving the viewer full view of her pussy lips where his thick shaft entered her. In the video, Woody’s hands were around Terri’s waist, and he moved them up and down her body, caressing her full breasts, tweaking her hard nipples.

Sitting watching the video, Woody moved his boxers aside, freeing his rock-hard cock in his hand. His other hand caressed his tight sack, squeezing gently. As he enjoyed the feeling, Woody thought about how viewing oneself on a video is such a surreal sensation. He remembered the feeling of being inside Terri as he watched it unfold on the computer screen. She was one that was constantly wet, and he could almost feel the amazing slipperiness of her pussy wrapping around his shaft.

In the video, Terri leaned forward, pressing down onto his cock and bouncing even faster. Woody slapped her perfect ass cheeks, the sound echoing in the bedroom, making her smile and moan with pleasure.

His mind wandered to a fantasy they had often discussed. This was the perfect position for it. They both imagined a beautiful woman, Sandy in fact, positioned on her knees in front of Terri as she rode Woody’s cock. In the fantasy, Sandy licked at Terri’s exposed clit, her tongue alternating between her labia and Woody’s balls and shaft as it slipped in and out of Terri’s wet pussy. The thought of feeling the sensation of a woman’s tongue sucking Terri’s clit while Woody’s cock filled her pussy was enough to bring an orgasm to her every time.

Watching the screen, Woody increased his own strokes, his cock expanding in his palm as he felt an orgasm approaching. As the precum seeped out of the engorged head, he spread it around his stiff shaft. The additional lubrication made a slurping sound as he stroked harder. He quickly pulled off his t-shirt and leaned back in the chair. Coating his shaft with even more precum, Woody felt the explosion building in his balls. As he watched Terri moaning on camera, he stiffened, and his cock unleashed a huge load of cum over his hand, onto his chest and stomach. Rubbing the slippery cum over his cock, he coaxed several smaller spurts as he squeezed his hardness between his fingers, pumping slowly. The relief Woody felt was incredible, and he relaxed and enjoyed the feeling for a few minutes.

His attention turned to the screen again. The next scene Terri and he captured on tape was playing on the computer. In this video, the camera showed Woody’s face between Terri’s shapely legs. When they made the video, she was lying on bahis şirketleri the bed holding the camera, looking down at him. The view showed her breasts, flat stomach, and shaved mound, and Woody watched himself “perform” as his tongue licked circles around her erect clit. He would stop and push his tongue inside her, sliding it between her folds, his nose against her little nub. As he pulled back, her wetness was evident on his face.

Watching, Woody licked his lips, imagining her wonderful sweet taste on his lips.

Since his orgasm, Woody’s hard-on had subsided to a semi-erect state, but watching this scene, it was firming up again. He knew the next few minutes of this scene would be worth watching again. He gazed at the screen, watching as his tongue flicked over her clit. In the video, he pressed two fingers into her soaked pussy. As he started to thrust them into her, the camera began to tremble up and down. Then with each thrust of Woody’s fingers, the picture jerked. Woody smiled, remembering that each time she moaned from the thrusts, she had let the camera fall back as her eyes closed in pleasure.

Woody’s cock was still wet from cum, and he again rubbed the sticky goo around the glistening head of his hard dick. He knew he could have continued to another orgasm, but decided he had better hold off and get some things done. Reluctantly, Woody turned off the video, knowing that he would be back soon to watch the rest of it. He took a hand towel and cleaned off his chest, stomach, balls, and still-hard cock.

Bringing the e-mail from Sandy back up on the laptop, Woody wrote a quick reply.

How can I refuse? See you on Friday!

“I don’t think this hard-on is going away for a while,” Woody whispered to himself.


Sandy read the reply in her inbox and smiled. She knew Woody wouldn’t be able to resist and immediately her mind went into overdrive. She explored all the things that could happen Friday in her mind, and her body reacted. She knew she wouldn’t see Linda for her next ‘lesson’ until after the party, but she would be the first one over on Friday, Sandy thought. They would probably chat about her day, maybe try on some of the new swimsuits that they had just bought from their shopping trip together last weekend. That hot pink bikini should fit Linda’s small, firm body just right, she thought. As she pictured Linda changing into the bikini, Sandy’s full, round breasts rose and fell with her rapid breathing. Her nipples grew hard and goosebumps ran over her body in her excitement. She knew she’d have to entertain herself tonight to release some pressure.

Sandy had a wide variety of ‘toys’, but they rarely came out to play. Usually Sandy had somebody who could come and satisfy her. When she didn’t, Sandy sometimes would hop in the jacuzzi for a bit of ‘me’ time but not today she wanted to save that for Friday night. Instead Sandy chose her favorite toy for help, her trusty ‘rabbit’ waterproof vibrator.

She had first bought him – yes ‘him,’ a few years after her divorce. Even though she had other toys, they were nothing compared with the rabbit. The first time she had used it she had discovered how pleasurable her G-spot could be. The sensations on her G-spot and the ‘ears’ vibrating on her clit had sent her into numerous orgasms, one after the other. She had experienced new heights of ecstasy she had only heard about.

During their webcam sessions Sandy fantasized about Woody’s large cock disappearing inside her and filling her up, fucking her till she was screaming in ecstasy. Of course she had never felt him that way but, boy, did she want to! Sandy had always enjoyed sex with men but it paled in comparison to love making with a woman. Sex with her ex-husband was always good, but the rabbit was an excellent substitute for her female companions’ missing appendage. Sandy could always rely on her rabbit to give her mind-blowing orgasms until she was satisfied.

Although she’d decided not to hop in the jacuzzi for her ‘play-time,’ Sandy was always more aroused around water. So she headed for her second favorite play-area. When she had bought her house she had been sold by the master bathroom. It was huge and shiny, there were marble floors, the biggest shower she’d ever seen (which, she had discovered, could fit 5 people inside it) and in the middle of the room was a massive, deep, claw-footed, bathtub. With the chrome-plated faucet positioned perfectly, this was a wonderful place to play.

She gazed at the bath-tub as she twirled the taps around and watched the space fill with water. She emptied about half a bottle of bubble bath in and watched as the bubbles appeared, floating on the top of the water. She turned around and walked back her room, grabbing the rabbit and her bathrobe. As she walked quickly back to the bathroom she started to shed her clothes. Her shorts slid off over her curvy hips, and she tugged her top over her head. She unsnapped her bra, her large firm breasts bouncing free as she slipped off her panties. They fell down her legs to her ankles and she flicked them to the side. Not bothering to pick up her clothes, she just slowly lowered herself into the tub.

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