Bird in an Un-Gilded Cage

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For sometime now you have been complaining about the wardrobe I have selected for you, primarily the corsets of ever-decreasing waist and the high heels I have locked on you. I have decided that a change of perspective is in order. I have borrowed this cage, which is to be your home for the evening, now be a good pet and get in. That’s a good girl, I’ll add these shackles and a bit of padding underneath your legs, and close the top. Did you notice the probe at the rear? Yes dear, I know it’s cold, but your body heat will soon warm it up. It’s a good thing you and the probe were well lubricated, because your little pucker tightened up when you felt the cold. What? More complaining? This expanding gag will solve that all right. Now be good, while I raise the cage off the floor. Oh did I mention I am having the lads over for cards this evening?? Oh I didn’t? Well they are due in about an hour. Oh there’s the bell, must be the sandwiches I ordered.

Come in, and place the tray there on the sideboard, oh, you like my pretty bird in the cage? Thought you might, well you can have your choice for a tip, 5 Pounds or her mouth. That was a quick decision, suck him good dear, make sure he appreciates his tip, and be sure to swallow, for we don’t know how soon you will be able to canlı bahis şirketleri refresh your face. Now back in with the gag, do try not to drool so.

Well lads, I’m glad to see that all 6 of you were able to show up, and Connor, thanks so much for the loan of the cage, pet has been in it for an hour now, and is being as good as gold. Ah Trevor, I see you have brought us a maid to serve drinks and such, that is good, because “Pet” is going to be unable to serve, other than as a prize. The rules are this for the evening: Each new winner of a hand gets a go at Pet’s mouth. Trevor? May I impose upon you and have your maid clean up Pet’s face after each encounter, Oh thank you old boy, very generous of you.

Connor wins the first hand, and comes over to claim his winnings, while the rest of us continue to play. He is short, but big around, and you have to really open your mouth wide. You skillfully use your tongue, and bring him off within 3 minutes, and he spurts a surprisingly large load into your throat, even more that the sandwich boy, if that is possible. He motions the maid over, and she kisses and licks your face until it is clean, just like a mother cat, then licks and cleans Connor, before returning to the table to serve new rounds of drinks.

Ian canlı kaçak iddaa is the next lucky fellow, and he is much more demanding, holding your head, and fucking your face with his 8 inch slender rod. He finally cums, having had a bit to drink, and as he does, he slips out momentarily and covers your face with his first spurt, before emptying the remainder in your mouth. The maid is called for again, and this time has a bit of a mess to clean up, but she does this lovingly, and ends her service with a soulful kiss to your thrice-used mouth, before cleaning up Ian.

After two more hands, another new winner emerges, I having exempted myself, and it is James. James is rather rotund, and has a very small weenie, and you have a great deal of difficulty in getting at it, but finally you succeed, bringing him off like the London Blitz. He slips out at the moment of his explosion, and liberally coats your face, and Megan, the maid’s services are required again. A couple of more rounds go by quickly and you are definitely tiring, but finally Trevor, that last of the winners, brutally rapes your mouth and throat, leaving you gasping for breath.

We all take a vote, and decide that Megan deserves a reward for performing such nice service all evening, and after canlı kaçak bahis her arms are placed in the armbinder for the trip home, the crotch of her rubber cat suit is unzipped. Inside you see she has been double plugged all evening, and the rubber has held in all of her juices, which assault your nose. Being there is no other target; you concentrate the last of your energy on licking her little bud until she smashes against your nose as she cums, almost collapsing in the process. Upon saying our good-byes, the lads and I agree it has been a capital experiment, and decide we shall have to do this again next month with another unfortunate serving as the treat.

After I have shut the door on the last of them, I come over and lower the cage, remove the probe, and release you by helping you out. You lay on the floor, stretching as I massage the kinks out of your body, if not out of your soul. These accomplished, I run a chain through the ring in your collar, and attach it to your cuffs, and lead you off to bed, where I lock the chain to the bedpost. Rolling you over onto your stomach, I enter your cunt, and having gotten enough lubrication, switch to bugger you, while kneading your breasts. We both cum in a spectacular fashion, and I roll us onto our sides, not exiting your ass, and we fall asleep in the “spoon position” with me still holding your breasts in my hands. After this evening, you decide that perhaps the shoes and corsets are not as bad as you thought, and that maybe you could be the maid for the next card game…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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