Are Memories Enough

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The trip was uneventful but the flight was smooth and relaxing and I was looking forward to getting to the hotel and taking a hot shower and relaxing. I came down a few days early so I’d be able to see some of the city before the conference and expo started the following Monday. Beside being a cop all these years I also had my own business on the side and I was here more for the expo and learning new ideas and what my fellow brothers and sisters on the street needed to make their jobs safer and less stressful than the conference part of it, but the city was picking up the tab for the week so these next two days were mine to just see the sights.

The driver of the limo felt the need to give a running history of places to see and where to find willing ladies but my days of being on the hunt was past so I closed him off and looked at the history this city provided and thinking of my younger days when trips such as this were little more than drinking and finding someone to screw and I was relived when we pulled into the hotel drive and I could escape his banter. The lobby was busy with other cops and exhibitors checking in and unloading their cargo and there was the normal share of badge bunnies looking for someone wearing a uniform so fulfill their own desires, and some were very lovely and inviting, but I wasn’t looking for that this time, and I guess that’s why when I saw her walking thru the lobby she drew my attention.

Some men might turn towards a women that’s 135 lbs, blonde with long slim legs, and never look up beyond their tits, and that’s the sad part, they don’t take the time to see the face, the smile and the glint in a ladies eyes that says I am someone special. She was a little more than half a foot short than myself, I’m 6 foot 2, and she had large breasts and a very shapely ass, but it was her hair which to me look auburn and her infecting smile and eyes that made me stop and stare. I knew then that I had to met this lady, not hoping for sex but just to say hello, but as fate had it the clerk at the counter was ready to get me checked in and with the line growing longer by the minute I turned to get my room.

I upgraded to a suite and was surprised to find the room not only had a large hot tub but a four poster canopy king sized bed. I unpacked, called room service and ordered a light snack and took a hot shower while waiting on the food to arrive. I had just slipped into some shorts and a lose shirt when there was a knock at the door, so as I opened it knowing I looked like hell but not caring, I saw her again entering the room across from me and my heart beat faster knowing she was also staying here and right across the hall. The bellhop got me attention by coughing, I had forget her was standing there with the food and she turned at the noise and looked right into my eyes, and smiled a smile that made me weak. She closed her door, then opened it slightly, looking at me again and I know I blushed like a kid before she closed her door once more. Once I signed the slip for the food, I knew that I had to do something, too many times I had let things pass by not and this was one time I knew what I wanted, so I dried and combed my hair, put on a better shirt and taking a breath, crossed the hall and knocked on her door.

She opened it and smiled and asked if she could help me, I said “Hi, my name is Matt and I just ordered way to casino siteleri much food and wondered if she’d care to join me”, and I knew my the grin and tilt of her head she would. She told me her name was Kathleen and that she would love to, but could I give her a few minutes so she could freshen up, which of course I did and reentered my room and called for more food, chilled shrimp, wine, olives and other finger foods and told them an extra large tip was theirs if they got it here within 10 minutes, which they did.

It was just a few minutes later when Kathleen knocked at the door and she stood there looking stunning in a soft open neck blouse and shorts. I couldn’t help but be drawn to her cleavage even though I was not really a boob kinda guy. I knew this was a smart lady and was looking forward to talking with her. We sat and after a few minutes of awkward chit chat, we began discussing things we had in common. I told her I was a cop but also had my own business selling supplies for law enforcement and other public service types and Kathleen told me she was there to promote recent developments in the area of investigations using the internet. We settled into a casual conversation and soon as was as if we had known each other for years. The food was all gone and it was soon dark, and I had smiled so much that my jaw was sore, so when I asked if she would like to take a walk along the inner city river she agreed.

The evening was warm but there was a slight wind which made for a chill in the air and now and then I caught a peek at her erect nipples under her blouse which only reminded me of how long it had been since I was with a women, and I hoped she hadn’t noticed the bulge in my pants. We stopped at one of the clubs along the river and ordered drinks and talked some more and we really got to know each other in a short time. She was about 14 years younger than I was but we both had many of the same ideas and wants and I found it very comfortable to be open with her and she was with me. We had a few more drinks then resumed the walk back towards the hotel. It had chilled down more and she moved closer to me and I could feel the warmth and her scent which only added to the desires I was beginning to have. The walkway was crowded with all kinds of people and at times I would fall behind her to let others pass, and my oh my she did have a shapely butt and at one point she stopped fast and I didn’t notice till I bumped into her and felt my erection push against her, but she just turned her hear towards me, smiled, and pushed back slightly, making me want to take hold of her then and there, but we continued and made our way back to the hotel, but I was surprised and happy when she let her hand slip into mine, and I felt something again that I hadn’t in many years and we held hands walking back.

Once at her door, I asked if she’d like to have a nightcap but she said she needed to get some things done, but maybe later. I thanked her for a delightful evening and gave her a kiss on the cheek and waited till I heard her lock her door before going into my room. I had just sat down when I head some thunder in the distance, and walked out to the private balcony and watched a large storm off in the distance. I have always been intrigued by storms and the view from the 21st floor proved an excellent view. I heard a knock at the door and was pleased to see slot oyna Kathleen standing there but wondered what was wrong and asked her. She said nothing was wrong, that she knew a storm was coming but couldn’t see it from her side and wondered if I could. We went out to the balcony and she was delighted the I had such a view and asked if it was okay if she watched for a little bit if I wasn’t too tired. Now, I’m not stupid so I said stay all night if she wanted to which she just grinned and said, “maybe.”

I got her a drink and told her I was going to take a soak in the hot tub to ease the flights and days aches away and to just make herself at home. I had just settled in and closed my eyes when I heard the door open, and there stood Kathleen, nude, looking to see if what she had presented might be desired. I reached for her hand and helped her into the water. Seeing her large breasts and trimmed downy hair between her thighs made me hard instantly but I wanted this to happen slow. She eased down beside me and I took her into my arms and we kissed, first soft and light then hard, with a passion we had both gone without for too many years. Our tongues explored each others and I don’t think anything was missed. Her skin felt so tender and worm and tasted so good I wanted her then and there, but I also knew what I did best and how good it would feel, so I told her to sit on the edge and just enjoy.

Kathleen leaned back against the wall as I slowly kissed her lips, her eyes, ran my fingers thru her soft hair, then I kissed her ear, running my tongue up and around her lobe, feeling her shudder and knowing this was something she enjoyed, then trailing down her neck and feeling her legs tighten around me as she shudder again and I had to smile, knowing now she was into the touch, and hoping that when I finally reached the softness of her pussy she would enjoy that as well. I trailed my tongue down her breast, circling her large nipples which we a treat for me, taking one between my lips, drawing it in and flicking it with my tongue till it became erect and then moving to the other, sucking it, nibbling it, softly biting it till she moaned. She had large soft tits and I enjoyed the reaction she was having while I kissed and licked them, but I wanted to taste her and began to move down, kissing her stomach, trailing my tongue around her belly button, feeling her thighs part at my touch.

I was stroking her thighs and watching as she reached down and touched herself, sliding her finger between her lips and rub her clit before sliding it inside her and this was too much for me and I lower my mouth and slowly let my tongue lick her lips, and slide up and down, feeling her finger which she was gliding in and out of herself, tasting her juices and flicking her clit fast and hard. She used her fingers to hold herself open for me and I dove in with a hunger, taking her clit between my lips and biting down but not too hard, sucking it and she began to thrash and moan, my god she was wet, her moistness and scent was making me harder and harder. I began to lightly slap her pussy and clit with a few fingers and that mad her cum fast and hard and drove me on too. I slide a couple fingers into her and turned my hand to find her g-spot and once there began to arouse it till she began to gasp, then working it hard and fast I felt her begin to cum over and over, feeling her juices canlı casino siteleri hit my waiting lips and tongue, tasting her and licking her till she was panting , oh yes, this is what I like, making a women cum so hard they beg you to stop so they can get their breath.

The water was still hot but I let some drain and since it was a rather large tub, I was able to almost lay down. She stood over me and lowered herself over my mouth and then bent forward to take my cock in her hands, and as she grasped my shaft and began stroking me, knowing just how hard to grasp me and how fast to stroke, I felt myself expand and grow even thicker before she took me into her mouth. Feeling her tongue work on the head of my cock as she pumped her hand up and down soon had me ready to cum, but I focused on her pussy which was open and waiting for me, and as I probed her with my tongue, I gave her ass some light slaps which she must have enjoyed by her reaction, and when I flicked her ass with my tongue she came again with such a passion that she screamed out. My fingers were very wet from her cum and I had no trouble easing a finger slowly into her ass while I slide another into her hot pussy and began slowing fucking her with my hand. She was still sucking and pumping my cock but I could tell she was about to cum again so I pumped her fast, letting my hand slam into her and she screamed over and over, fuck me, fuck me hard, and I did, and she took me deep into her mouth and sucked hard and I felt my balls tighten as I began to pump stream after stream of hot cum into her mouth, and she took it all which was something I hadn’t had done before and it felt awesome. We both continues to lick and suck each other till we relaxed and just sat back and held each other till the water cooled.

We showered, washing each other, enjoy this moment, then walked out to the balcony again to watch the storm which had moved closer. It was enclosed so we didn’t bother with cloths and just sat there, enjoying each other. It felt good to hold a women in my arms again after so much time alone. The lightening was bright and somewhat arousing, so when she reached for my cock again it wasn’t long before she had me hard again. I laid down on the recliner and watched as she faced me, smiled and lowered herself onto my hardness. Feeling her pussy engulf me was so good it’s hard to describe, but sometimes words just aren’t there, so I just watched and enjoyed as Kathleen rocked up and down, feeling my balls push against her. My hands were all over her legs, her stomach and tits and we took our time, letting each other get lost in the feeling, but when she took her breasts and bent to lick her own nipple, that took me over the edge and I felt it in my toes first as I felt my cock grow really thick, the head so wide she told me she felt it grow bigger, and I came, slow long explosions as she rocked and I felt her pussy tighten as she came again as well.

We laid there most of the night, watching the storm, holding each other, talking about anything and everything till the clouds moved off and the sun began to lighten the sky. It was one of those things, those moments that just felt right, and we shared many more moments the remainder of that week and it was good.

I think about the week often while I’m on patrol, and things aren’t as bad as they were knowing that I know where Kathleen is and she knows where I am, and that we’ll be seeing each other again soon, and we stay in touch and in time maybe we might be able to share a life together, but for now, we have our memories and sometimes, that has to be enough.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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