Arcade Pt. 04

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*~*This story takes a bit of a dark turn in this chapter; I’m not exactly sure why, it’s just what flowed out so I went with it and did the best I could (Possibly colored by my person fantasies on rape and incest). I tried my best to convey emotion without diving too deeply into it. I did wrap up the ending in what I hope is a steamy bit of storytelling.

As a forewarning: If depictions of forced incestuous encounters, even only lightly touched upon, or the emotions of dealing with said incestuous rape are troubling for you, please skip this chapter.*~*


I lay sandwiched between Jon and Jamie, my head in the crook of Jon’s shoulder while Jamie lay spooned against my side, his leg draped across mine; all of our hands rubbing and caressing each other.

I never would have thought my little adventure to the adult arcade would have ended with me going home with anyone, nor that I’d end the night well fucked and laying naked with these two brothers. Brothers. Well, technically step brothers, but brothers nonetheless.

“Stepbrothers, huh? How did that happen?” I asked, looking from one to the other.

They looked at each other, smiling. “Well,” Jon said. “That’s an interesting story…” He paused and looked across me at Jamie, who turned his face away from us and rested his head on my shoulder. He seemed almost shy all of a sudden and I was becoming very intrigued. I felt Jamie’s head slowly nod against my shoulder, giving his approval, and Jon started telling me their story.

“We met about twelve years ago, when I was sixteen and Jamie was twelve, when our parents started dating.

“My parents divorced when I was eight years old. My mom stayed single for a while, but eventually started dating off and on, but nothing very serious for quite a long time.

“Jamie’s mom passed away when he was quite young and his dad had a hard time dealing with it. He mourned and started drinking and he got angry at his wife over being left alone. He loved Jamie’s mom deeply and for the longest time he couldn’t see himself with another woman, so he just stayed drunk and angry. Unfortunately he started taking that anger out on Jamie.”

I felt Jamie nuzzle closer into my side, it was obvious it still bothered him pretty deeply. I wrapped my arm around his back and pulled him into me as Jon continued.

“Our parents were set up together by some of their friends and they went out on a few dates and then started getting serious with each other. They got along really well from the beginning, they seemed very much in love. Naturally, we did things together as a family; movie nights, dinners out, little vacations together, that kind of stuff. Jamie and I hit it off right away since we learned we had quite a lot in common. I knew right away that he was gay, but I also knew there was something going on in his life that had him sad and withdrawn. I started doing my best to be a good big brother for him, someone he could trust and that would always look after him, but he would never open up to me about his sadness.

“Our parents got married about a year after they started dating. Just a small ceremony with family and close friends. They bought a house together, big enough for all of us, and we settled into a nice little family unit.

“Jamie and I became really close, closer than just brothers. We explored our sexuality and each other, nothing heavy at this point, I could tell he was reluctant to let things get too heavy, so it was just touching and petting and jacking each other off. He would sneak into my room at night and sleep cuddled up against me, and it didn’t take me long to realize that my protective nature over him was because I was falling in love with him.”

Jon reached across my body and took Jamie’s hand in his, resting then on my belly, and his thumbs started tracing little circles on the back of Jamie’s hand.

“Just before my eighteenth birthday, my grandfather passed away. In his will, he left me a good bit of money and a piece of commercial property downtown. I’d always been pretty level headed, so instead of going crazy with the money I started planning a business. I always wanted a cafe or something like that, so the idea for the coffee and sandwich shop was birthed. I started doing research on business licenses, taxes, fees, health inspections…all that stuff that is involved with opening a business like that.”

“I had turned eighteen and was close to graduating and I had taken a day to go to the county commissioners office to start the application illegal bahis processes and just after lunch time I came back home.”

“I came upstairs and was heading to my room to get a folder on menu items that I was going to need for a meeting with a food distributor when I heard a soft crying coming from Jamie’s room, so I crept across the hall and listened at the door. It was definitely Jamie crying, but I could also hear a deeper voiced, this angry grumbling, and I got concerned so I cracked open the door and froze where I stood.”

There was a pause as the memories hit him and obviously had an effect even after so long. He looked over at Jamie and their eyes met. I looked and saw that tears were forming in Jamie’s eyes.

“Jamie looked at me standing in the door, his eyes pooling with tears. That look on his face still haunts me. He was begging me to help him with just his eyes.”

“His dad was laying across his back, pressing him down on the bed by his neck. He was sweating and grunting, fucking him savagely as he mumbled something about Jamie’s mom left so now he owes him. He meant that Jamie owed him sex, he owed him his body to fuck since his mom was no longer there.”

“My heart broke hearing him make excuses for raping his own son. I wondered how long this had been going on, and I knew immediately it was the reason Jamie always seemed sad and withdrawn. I got so damned angry, I ran at the bed screaming and I punched his dad in the head and I kept punching until he fell over off of Jamie, and then I punched him some more. Jamie had curled up on himself, laying there crying, and I pulled him up from the bed, grabbed his clothes and we left.”

“I swore to him then that no one would ever hurt him again. I swore I would love him and always treat him like a prince, if he would let me.”

I wiped tears from my eyes and saw that they were both crying as well. This was so much more than I expected to hear when I asked about their story. A gentleness towards both of them opened up in my heart and I was very glad I had decided to go home with them tonight.

“I rented a room at the motel in Gastonville a few miles out of town. We tried going about like things were normal; we went to school, Jamie to his job at the grocery store, at least until his dad started going there and harassing him, trying to make him come outside to his car and talk. I finished up all the applications for the coffee shop and while I waited for them to be approved we had a bunch of our friends help us and we turned the office space above the coffee shop into a little apartment and we both moved in there. It was tough convincing my mom to let Jamie come with me, we didn’t want to tell her about the reason why, she was confused about why we both just sort of took off but it was hard enough for Jamie that I knew, we didn’t want him to have to face her and knowing she knew as well. We tried playing it off with her that we were just sleeping over with friends or whatever, but I wouldn’t let Jamie step foot in that house again, not with him there. I went back for anything we needed during times I knew neither of them would be there, but after about a month we were living full time in the apartment and mom came by with gifts for us for the new place, chatting about how independent we had become and that she was proud of us.”

“I don’t know if it was shame, or guilt, or remorse, or whatever, but his dad left a few months after I opened the coffee shop without a word. One day he was just gone and none of us have heard from him since.”

“We made our way in that little apartment for a few years. We grew together and we healed.” Jon said, squeezing Jamie’s hand again. “It took a lot for Jamie to overcome his reluctance to accept the fact that sex wasn’t always like what he’d learned from his dad, that it could be beautiful and fulfilling, that it could be about mutual pleasure, not just pain and shame.”

“The coffee shop has done very well over the years, eventually we bought this house and moved in. As far as we know, no one knows that we’re lovers; not that we care if they do. We’re happy in ourselves and with each other.” Jon looked at me and grinned. “And we are comfortable enough in what we have together to have little adventures, like finding you.”

Jamie turned his head to look at me and propped his chin on my chest, grinning. “Do you know how many dicks we had to suck before you showed back up at the arcade?” He said.

Jon chuckled and swatted at him. “Like you minded!” He said. “It’s illegal bahis siteleri not like you’d turn down an anonymous dick through a hole.”

Jamie took on a mock shocked expression. “Well, I had to do something to occupy my time while we waited on Stephen to finally show up.”

After the story they’d just shared with me, I was a bit embarrassed that I felt my dick start to get hard while imagining Jamie kneeling in front of one of those holes while he sucked the dick that was poking through it, but hearing them joke about looking for me in the arcade hit something inside me that started to get me aroused again.

“You went back looking for me?” I asked, surprise coloring my voice.

Jon nodded and Jamie smiled his wicked smile at me. “After watching you and Jon in that corner that first time, I definitely wanted to have me a taste.”

I looked between the two of them, a little shocked, honestly.

Jon chuckled and said, “We play together with other guys every now and then, and we’ve found one or two playmates at the arcade before. We were just about to leave that first night we saw you come in, but Jamie saw you there and we agreed we wanted to talk to you. I just happened to be the one who came around the corner first, so I initiated with you, but before I could talk to you about coming home with us you had bolted.”

“I could tell how nervous you were about being there,” Jamie said and shrugged as he started rubbing circles on my chest, “and we knew you from town but didn’t know you were into guys. So I stayed back and just watched the show. And what a show it was! You looked so hot when you got off in Jon’s mouth, I told Jon after that I wanted to try to find you. We thought you might come in the coffee shop, but by the end of the week I was too impatient to wait, so we started going to the arcade to see if we could bump into you again.”

I was pretty amazed that they had gone out of their way just to meet me again. Even more amazed that they would be so open about their history with me the first time I met them. A little twinge inside my chest made me wonder if it was me in particular, or if it was just that I was a convenient body to add to their play time. I didn’t mind if that’s all it was, but something in me wanted it to be more. Quick flashes of the three of us together, doing “couple” things together started to pass through my mind and I had to put more effort than was healthy into squashing them down and just enjoying this time with then.

By this time, my dick had grown to half mast and apparently it was noticed because Jon stretched around and kissed me while Jamie started playing with my nipples; rolling them in his fingers between soft licks and wicked nibbles. I could feel the heat from Jamie’s dick pressed against my leg and knew he was getting hard again too, so I draped my arm over Jon and let my hand stroke down his body until I reached his crotch. His dick jumped as my fingers made contact and I took him in my hand and squeezed him at the base. A soft moan rolled across my lips as he continued kissing me.

Jamie scooted up to join us and he stole Jon’s lips from me, taking them in a passionate kiss right above my face. He turned and kissed me as Jon tried squeezing in the middle of our lips and all three tongues lashed out, tangling with one another. It was easily the hottest kiss I’d ever had.

Jamie separates first and leaned back to watch as mine and Jon’s mouths drew together like magnets. Jamie propped himself up and caressed both our faces as we explored each other’s mouths.

“That is so hot.” He said, breathing huskily.

I turned my eyes to him and saw him watching us like it was the most interesting thing in the world.

“Can Jon have you this time?” He asked me.

I mumbled an “mmm hmm” through the kissing and Jamie started getting us ready to fuck.

He moved down towards the foot of the bed and started sucking us; me first while he jacked Jon’s dick, then switched to sucking Jon and jacking my dick. When he came back to me he swallowed my dick down his throat, pushing his nose against my pubes and my head flew back and I moaned.

“Damn, you are hot,” Jon told me as he rolled himself over on top of me. I spread my legs and allowed him to position himself between them as he propped himself up on his elbows.

I looked up into his eyes and said, “Not as hot as you are stretched out on top of me.”

He grinned and leaned back down for more kisses as I heard the lube bottle snap canlı bahis siteleri open. Jamie squirted some lube in his hand then took hold of Jon’s dick, spreading the lube up and down his length. I could still feel lube and Jamie’s cum squishing between my ass cheeks so I knew I wouldn’t need any, and Jamie moved Jon’s dick into place, pointing it at my recently fucked hole.

With a roll of his hips, Jon’s dick head pressed into me without much resistance and I felt Jamie’s hand slide forward and rest against my cheeks. He held Jon’s shaft as he started to slowly fuck in and out of me, letting Jon’s dick slide through his hand as he worked a little deeper into my ass.

“Mmm.” Jamie sighed. “I love how his dick feels when it spreads your ass open.” Jamie reached for my dick with his other hand and guided it towards his mouth and he started sucking me as Jon kept a slow rhythm in and out of my ass. Jamie’s hand soon pulled away, allowing Jon to give me what I wanted…more of his dick in my guts. He is thicker than Jamie is and he spread me so beautifully that I wrapped my legs around his hips, opening myself up more for him, and tried pulling him further in with my feet. Jon took the hint and started stroking into me deeper and deeper, filling my guts every time he bottomed out inside me. Jamie’s wet mouth on my dick combined with Jon’s dick filling my insides was like a little taste of heaven and I just laid back and let them both have me, anyway they wanted me.

Jon must have decided he wanted me fast and rough and he started jackhammering into my ass, his balls swinging against my ass with every down stroke. Not to be outdone, Jamie started matching Jon’s pace, bobbing his head on my dick in time with Jon’s thrusts in and out of my ass. The friction against my sensitive dick in Jamie’s mouth combined with the friction Jon was causing against my prostate had me writhing under them in seconds. I panted and grunted, grabbing at both of them and they sent me to the brink of orgasm.

“Are you close?” Jon asked me, rocking my entire body back and forth with the force of his fucking. “Because I can’t hold out much more.”

I bucked under him, nodding my head.

“Then cum for us Stephen. Cum down Jamie’s throat so I can fill you up.” He said in a guttural voice, the animalistic lust vibrated through me as he spoke and I lost all touch with reality. My body convulsed and bucked as my dick was pushed into Jamie’s mouth. I yelped and squealed and felt my entire body rocked by my orgasm as I shot into Jamie’s mouth. He grabbed the base of my dick and held onto it so I wouldn’t be able to slip from his mouth as he took all I had to give.

“Oh my god!” Jon yelled as my ass squeezed his dick while he frantically pumped into me, burying his dick completely inside me as he lost control. His cum shot into me and I felt every hot blast of it inside me as it flooded my guts. Through his grunts and moans he started slowly pumping my ass again, hitting my prostate as he did and prolonging the tingling orgasm that consumed my entire body. I lay there beneath the two of them, quivering and panting as Jamie drained my dick and my ass continued squeezing and draining Jon inside me.

Jamie started moaning, he had been jacking his dick while we fucked and I could hear in his voice he was going to cum. I grabbed him under his arm, pulling him up off me and he climbed up the bed towards me, pointing his dick at my mouth while he kept jacking. His face was a mask of pure bliss as he positioned himself beside my head. I looked him in the eyes as I leaned up and took as much of his dick in my mouth as I could, pressing my tongue hard against the sensitive underside of his head and pulling suction against his dick. He quickly started to cum, his back arching so hard he nearly pulled himself out of my mouth as his salty sweetness gushed over my tongue. I wrapped my hands behind his ass, gripping each cheek in a hand and pulled him forward as he rode out his orgasm.

We all collapsed back into a pile of bodies and limbs, each panting for breath.

“I’ve never felt anything like that.” I said, barely loud enough to be heard over the sound of our breathing.

Jamie chuckled and kissed my throat, nibbling there as he made a growling sound, like a dog playing with its favorite toy.

“Hopefully it will be the first of many.” Jon said as he kissed across my chest, then pulled Jamie into a harsh, quick kiss before doing the same to me.

“And to think you could have been having this for weeks now.” Jamie said with a chuckle.

Maybe they did want me around for more than just one night, I thought to myself. But I wouldn’t let myself get any expectations in my head, I’d just enjoy this time with them and enjoy more time if it came.

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