An Invitation to View

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“An invitation to view…”

Mum’s friend models her corset and seduces him

Although he was home from college for the summer, he usually got up fairly early. Once his mum had gone out to work he liked to do jobs around the house, and getting up early also gave him plenty of time to surf the net and watch some videos. Given what he watched he certainly did not want to be disturbed doing either.

Last evening his mother had asked him to take a parcel to her friend Anna who lived a few doors away. The prospect excited and daunted him. Although nearly twice his age and slimmer than he usually liked, he found Anna very sexy. She had pale piercing eyes and shoulder-length chestnut hair. Her breasts were small and her hips fairly narrow, but both were in perfect proportion to her petite build. Her legs were slender and, though she was not particularly tall, their slenderness made them seem long and alluring. She never wore anything provocative but she always dressed smartly, and this gave her an understated sexiness.

Her age and friendship with his mother, coupled with his shyness, made her seem unattainable. Maybe that was part of the attraction he felt.

Then there was THAT Parcel. Apparently the week before he had come home his mother had hosted some ladieswear party. The Parcel contained whatever Anna had ordered. He had felt the contents through the thin plastic wrapping but had been unable to guess what it was. A skirt? If so, how long or short, was it? A dress? If so, what fabric? Would it fit loosely or tightly? Or might the parcel contain something more risque, lingerie or nightwear? A satin, lace-trimmed camisole or nightdress? Designer bra and panties?

He longed to tease the parcel open and peek inside, but knew that it was impossible. The plastic was thin and the self-adhesive sealing strip so strong that once open, however little, it would be impossible to re-seal without it being obvious that it had been tampered with. The mystery of its contents and the prospect of taking it to his mother’s friend had kept him awake much of the night. He had masturbated twice as he pictured his mother’s friend in a short black satin nightdress or a close-fitting dress.

His mother was now at work and he had waited until mid-morning before taking the parcel round. His heart was pounding in his chest as he knocked on Anna’s door. His heart beat faster as she opened it and smiled at him. Her shoulder length chestnut hair was natural but shiny and her pale eyes looked into his. He tried not to look at her breasts but failed. He glanced at them and made himself look back into her face.

“Er, hi Anna. I brought this round from my mum. She said it’s from that party.”

She raised her eyebrows and smiled.

“Oh, come in. I’ll write a cheque for you to give to her.”

He stepped into the kitchen and gazed at the hem of her black, knee-length skirt as she went up the hall and into the lounge. Her skirt hugged her hips and firm-looking backside, and below its hem her legs were long and slender. The subtle back slit gave an alluring glimpse of her pale, bare thighs. Unknown to him she sensed with some satisfaction that he was gazing at her, and smiled to herself.

She came back a few minutes later with her chequebook. She made sure that she leaned forward over the kitchen work surface to write the cheque so that her blouse puckered forward to grant a glimpse of the tops of her small, pale breasts. He blushed. She tore out the cheque and passed it to him. He glanced at her pale eyes and hair, and at her open neckline. Her skin looked soft. Between two of her blouse buttons he caught a glimpse of her bra and bare skin. He looked into her piercing eyes and wondered if she had caught him looking at her breasts.

“There you go, love”.

“LOVE”. She had not called him that in years. He felt a further blush and a shudder of delight ran down his spine, and he wondered if there was any significance in her use of the term.

“Er… thanks, Anna…”

He was about to go, but to his surprise she tore open the bag. He found his gaze drawn to it as she placed it on the worksurface. A BLACK CORSET WITH RED EMBROIDERY! A MATCHING THONG! AND TWO PAIRS OF SHEER, BLACK STOCKINGS! She laughed softly.

“Surprised, David?”

“Er… I don’t know…”

He made himself look away. He silently cursed his shyness and wished that he was bold enough to flirt back.

“But are you surprised at me buying lingerie like this?”

“I… I don’t know, Anna…”

“I know I usually dress fairly conservatively. But it’s nice to wear something that makes me feel sexy. I’m sure that wearing these will make me feel VERY sexy!”

To his embarrassment he felt himself go harder than before. She picked up one sheer stocking and ran it through her hand.

“Mmmm… these are lovely. Pure silk. Really soft. Feel…”

He was acutely embarrassed but also aroused as she placed it in the palm of his hand. Obligingly he stroked it with his finger.

“What do casino oyna you think, David?”

“Er, yes. Very nice.”

“Shall I tell you what I think, love?”

She had used the term again. She took a step closer to him. Her closeness aroused him, and he was aware of her perfume.

She lowered her voice.

“I think you’re turned on by the thought of me wearing these. I think you’d like to see me in this corset and thong and stockings. You would, wouldn’t you?”

“Please Anna. I… I just called round to drop the parcel off.”

He stepped round her and made his way into the hall.


He stopped and turned round. She was holding the corset against herself. One hand held it to her left breast; the other held it against her belly. The front of it had a narrow slit that was criss-crossed with strips of black fabric, so that bare skin would show through it. She walked slowly towards him, an intense gaze on her face.

“Why don’t you wait here while I go and try it on and then show you how it looks? Along with the stockings and thong, of course. The whole outfit goes together.”

“I… I really must be going.”

She shrugged.

“Well, if you do, David, you’ll never KNOW what I look like in this. You’ll try to imagine, of course. You’ll close your eyes and try to picture me in them, but you’ll never KNOW. And you want to know. You WANT to see my long legs in stockings. You WANT to see my bare thighs above lacy stockingtops and framed by long black suspenders. You WANT to see my small firm boobs thrust up by a corset. Still, if you have to go, you have to go. I’m going upstairs to try them on now anyway. It will only take a minute or two. You could spare your mum’s friend a few minutes couldn’t you – LOVE?”

Her use of the term sent a tingle of arousal through him. His mind was torn, but his shyness and his fear of his mother finding out won over. He fumbled with the door handle and nearly tripped over the threshold. She laughed softly.

“I… I’m sorry, Anna, but I really think…”

“Okay. Bye then– love.”

He closed the door behind him. She paused for a moment, debating what to do. Then she unbuttoned her blouse and hurried upstairs, sensing that he would probably return. Many times she had seen her friend’s shy son glancing at her legs and breasts, and had seen him eyeing up her underwear on the washing line. She had sensed his eyes on the outline of her panties through her trousers or skirt. She had seen him gazing at her more purposefully when he thought she was not looking. She had secretly encouraged him, and sometimes when she called round to visit his mother and knew he was around she would wear a skirt with side buttons, LEAVING the bottom few unfastened to show a subtle but alluring bit of lean thigh. At other times, like today, she wore a camisole under her blouse rather than a bra. Her breasts were only small, but it allowed them a little more movement and sometimes permitted her nipples to show through. Besides, she liked the feel of satin against her skin.

The age difference between them, along with his being her friend’s son lent an illicit side to her desire.

He had hesitated on his way to the gate and she was not too disappointed at hearing it close, sensing the debate that was going on in his mind. She wondered whether to ring him at home if he did not return. After all, he would be alone. She was about to fold her clothes neatly away but a sudden idea came to her head. She flung her blouse to the bottom of the stairs. Similarly she dropped her skirt part way down the stairs. Her discarded clothes would confirm that she had changed and would serve as an invitation – and a wanton one at that – to come to her room.

Uncertainty and excitement made her hands shake slightly as she tugged her camisole over her head and dropped that near the top of the stairs. She slid her black satin panties down and dropped them outside her bedroom door. All the time she was straining her ears for the sound of the return of her friend’s son.

She kicked off her shoes, put on the corset back to front, and fastened it. She tugged it round and eased it over her breasts. Still listening eagerly she gazed in the mirror at the way that it pushed up her small breasts. She pulled on the matching thong and admired the sexy curved lines of red over the black.

She eased her feet into the sheer black silk stockings and slid them up her legs, then clipped on the suspenders. With a thrill that sent a shudder up her spine she heard the gate open and close, and hesitant footsteps coming back up the path. She stepped into her shoes and grabbed her perfume. She sprayed some onto her neck and the tops of her breasts. Her heart beat quickly as she heard a timid knock on the door and heard it open. She heard him step inside and close the door behind him.

“Hello? An… Anna?”

She fought the temptation to call to him, instead allowing the trail of clothes on the stairs to tell their own story. She flushed with excitement slot oyna as he tentatively ascended the stairs.

Her bedroom door swung slowly open. He stared openly at her, his eyes running over her, resting on her stockings and suspenders, her breasts, and her crotch.

“Well, what do you think, love? It’s better than trying to imagine me in them, isn’t it?”

“Yes. Yes it is.”

“Do I look sexy?”

“Yes, Anna. You… you look amazing.”

“I certainly FEEL sexy. Do you?”

She stepped towards him.

“I feel HOT too. Do you, David?”

He nodded.

She stepped towards him, placed one hand on the back of his neck and kissed him tenderly on the mouth. She massaged his neck and, clasping one of his hands in hers, led it to her backside. She squeezed his hand against her firm bum cheek. She murmured encouragingly softly and rubbed his scalp with her fingertips as he returned her kisses. She licked his lips fleetingly and teasingly with her tongue, then resumed moulding her lips against his.

She caressed his back through his tee shirt and slid her hand inside, stroking his skin. He gave a grunt of approval. She pulled him closer and he parted his lips. Their tongues met and pushed against each other. He began to squeeze her bum cheek and to roll it round without further prompting. They kissed more ardently, teasing and sucking each other’s tongues.

He thrilled in the feel of her silky hair against his face and neck, and her perfume filled his nostrils. She took her hand from his neck and led his right hand in hers to the tops of her breasts. He ran his fingertips up and down her shallow crease and pressed down on the firm but yielding flesh above her corset top. She grunted in approval.

“Mmmm, keep doing that, love, it feels lovely. They’re only small, but they’re firm. They’re not TOO small are they, love?”

“Oh no Anna. They’re gorgeous. I mean, YOU’RE gorgeous.”

She laughed gently at his shyness.

She led his trembling fingers along the red-trimmed top of her corset and with a thrill of delight she felt his other hand kneading her bum cheeks more firmly. Again she caressed his scalp and gently led his face to the tops of her little breasts.

“Kiss them, David. Kiss my small firm tits, love…”

He planted slow kisses on them, thrilling in the way her tit flesh gave way, then, encouraged by her coos and murmurs of encouragement, he drew his tongue along the soft skin above her corset. He ran his hands over the fabric, savouring the contrast between its stiffness and the softness of her skin.

“Mmmm… I think you should sit on the bed, love. I want to get my tits out for you. I want to feel your young tongue licking my nipples. I want to feel your mouth sucking my boobs…”

He sat down and she smiled at the intensity of his stare upon her as she rested her hands on the top of her corset.

“I’m glad you like this, David. The red trim looks a little naughty against the black fabric, and against my pale boobs, doesn’t it? Are you ready, David? Ready to see your mum’s best friend’s naked tits?”

He nodded.

“I hope you don’t just want to see them, though. I hope you’ll want to kiss them, lick them and suck them…”

She slid her hands down over her breasts and inside the top of her corset. She thrilled in his eager gaze as she scooped her small breasts free. He drew in his breath sharply as they emerged. Her nipples were semi-erect. She remained standing a couple of feet before him, gently caressing her little orbs, rolling them gently around, scooping them up and down.

She leaned forward and allowed them to hang forward, then stood upright again. She turned slightly to one side to show them in profile. They were small but firm. She teased her nipples with her fingertips until they began to tauten more. All the time he sat still, staring at the way her breasts yielded to the movement of her fingers. He ran his gaze over her suspenders, her lacy stocking tops and the pale skin above them, and rested his eyes on her designer black and red thong.

She stepped towards him and leaned forward, proffering her small breasts to him. He nuzzled them and caressed them, gently stroking them and playing with them as she had done. She crooned encouragingly.

“That’s nice David, Lick those nipples and feel them go hard. Suck on Anna’s sensitive little boobs, love… ohhh yesss!”

She sat beside him and pulled off his tee shirt. She kissed him deeply on the mouth again, whimpering and cooing softly. She chewed his ear and nibbled his ear lobes, and caressed his chest with her long slender fingers. She draped one leg over his and led his hand to her knee.

“Feel that leg and those silk stockings, love…”

He fondled her knee and traced his fingers lightly up and down her slender thigh. It was firm and her stocking was soft, warm, and slippery. He caressed the lacy stockingtop and played with the soft suspenders. Tentatively he stroked her soft skin above her stocking. canlı casino siteleri She murmured her approval.

“That’s nice, David, love. You’ve got a lovely touch…”

He stared at the black and red patterned thong. There was no trace of hair to be seen and the thought of her shaving her pubes was something he had never considered but which he now found intriguing and arousing.

He kissed her shoulder, then drew her small breast into his mouth and began to suck on it. She gave another whimper and cradled his head in her hand. He kneaded her firm thigh above her stockingtop and stroked her bare inner thigh. She led his hand in hers to her crotch and gently rubbed it against her thong. Encouraged by her intermittent murmurs and croons of delight he nestled his finger against her slit. She groaned.

He gently rocked his finger from side to side. She stood up and stepped back a few paces.

“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours, David. Show me your hard young cock and I’ll show you my shaved snatch. You first, David!”

He stood up and unfastened and unzipped his trousers. He slid his hand inside and, with a struggle, managed to free his erection free from his trousers and boxers. She laughed gently.

“I’m not surprised you were struggling to get it out! That’s a big hard cock…”

He stared at her thong as she placed her fingers on it and drew it to one side. He drew his breath in sharply. She laughed.

“Like it? Like my shaved cunt, David love?”

He felt himself flush with excitement at her unexpected coarseness and felt his erection twitch in approval at the sight that greeted him. Her pussy was completely and newly shaved. Her skin was soft and smooth. Her lips protruded slightly and looked intensely erotic. She let her thong slide back into place.

“I’ll take it off for you if you get naked for me, David…”

He fumbled with his clothes and stared at her as much as he could, his gaze running all over her, from her attractive face, chestnut hair and pale piercing eyes to her little orbs, taut nipples, her stiff, sexy corset, her long stockinged legs and her thong-covered crotch. He kicked off his shoes and tugged off his socks. He pulled his trousers and boxers down together and tugged them off. He remained standing.

She smiled at him and raised her eyebrows. She turned her back to him and stood with her legs slightly parted. Her shoulders and waist were narrow, and her hips flared slightly nicely. She gyrated her hips slowly and subtly. He stared at her gorgeously firm bum cheeks, pale against the black of her thong and corset.

He watched as she hooked her long fingers into the sides of her thong and slowly tugged it down. He watched it come to rest between her parted knees. She turned slowly round and faced him. He stared at the shaved mound surrounding her long slit with its folds of darker skin and framed by the bottom of her corset, and by her suspenders. He stared at her little breasts, jutting out over the top of her corset. He gazed at the criss-cross section over her midriff and at the pale skin inside. He stared at her long stockinged legs and bare slender thighs. He looked into her face and held the gaze of her pale piercing eyes.

“Lie on the bed, love. Let your mum’s best friend get on top of you and ride you…”

He lay on the bed and watched her clamber over him and kneel astride him. He stared at her stockinged legs and thighs, and at her shaved pussy. She fondled his erection, then, to his delight, she gently slapped it against her slit. Her puffy lips yielded deliciously and the sensation and sound thrilled him. She slowly rubbed it against her pouting lips and adjacent to her hooded clit. Her flesh was soft and spongy against his hardness. She released it and prised her pussy open. He stared at the raw pink flesh and at her hole.

“Oooh look, love. Look how wet she is, how eager she is to engulf your big hard dick…”

He gave a low gasp as she held his erection again and eased herself onto it. He stared as her slit swallowed it up. He began to thrust, but she raised herself up a little.

“That feels so good, love. But for now you lie still and let ME pleasure YOU…”

He lay still and allowed her to ride slowly up and down. He held her slender legs, savouring the feel of her sheer silk stockings and of the soft skin above them, and stared at her small firm breasts as they rocked in time with her thrusts. He stared at her lacy stockingtops and the paleness of bare thighs above them. He gazed at her engorged pussy, her hood, and at his throbbing manhood as it slid in and out of her. He gazed into her pale eyes and the swaying of her shoulder length chestnut hair. The criss-cross panel of her corset stretched and slackened alluringly, revealing the pale smooth-looking skin of her belly. Her smiled at him serenely.

“Oh David, that feels so fucking good…”

Again her unaccustomed expletive sent a shudder of arousal through him. She rocked around in little circular motions, then backwards and forwards, pushing and pulling his erection with her. She picked up the pace a little, and to his delight she placed her right hand on her hood. She rubbed it slowly and gently slapped the backs of her fingers against it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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