An Affair to Remember

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You may just think this is another story of a man having an affair and cheating on his wife, but you see my story is different. I am cheating on my wife but I’m cheating with my wife’s boyfriend. Let me start at the beginning, it seems so long ago now but has really been only a few months.

Believe me when I tell you that Sue and I were not swingers or even wild party people, we just happened to meet Shawn at a club. We went out for a quite meal and just by chance noticed the club next door to the restaurant. We may have had a little more wine with dinner than we’re used to and when I heard the music coming from the club I dragged Sue inside for just a couple of dances. We danced and had a couple of cocktails and we were having a great time. Shawn came up to our table, sat down and offered to buy us a drink, we accepted and by the time they arrived, we had introduced our selves. Shawn asked my wife to dance to a fast tune and when a slow song came up next they stayed on the floor. I saw him holding her close and I could tell he was whispering in her ear and ever so often, she would giggle like a teenager. I know I should have been jealous but he was so affable and besides I trusted my wife so I really wasn’t worried.

When they returned to the table, Sue excused herself to go to the ladies and Shawn slid in next to me. He took a sip of his drink then said,

“You know Jon you have a very sexy wife.”

I agreed and told him I’d always thought so yet still no alarm bells or warning lights going off in my head.

“I’ll tell you what I want to do, I want to go home with you folks and fuck your wife as you watch. I know you’d like that Jon, just think about it a minute.”

It’s funny I started to say no way but the image of Sue naked and this man making love to her in front of all me, of a sudden sounded really exciting. I have to be honest the thought of watching Sue and another man had been a fantasy of mine for a while but even a hint of it to Sue would end up her being mad at me all night. More as a dare than an invite, I told Shawn there was no way my wife would go along with something like that. He just said to let him worry about convincing Sue to go along. I don’t know what he said but we ended up back at our place and soon after that in our bedroom. As Sue and Shawn sat in the love seat in our front room, I poured wine for us all. I sat across from them watching my wife nervous as a schoolgirl jabber away. Shawn took the wine from her hand placed it on the table then reached across and began to kiss my wife.

I’ve never been an aggressive man, always asking permission before taking liberties even with my wife. I’ve always güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri tried to please her and looked to her for guidance in what she wanted. It was easy to see, Shawn was an aggressor taking what he wanted as he only looked for his own pleasure. When he and my wife broke their kiss, I could see the lust in her eyes and I knew she’d never looked at me that way. He unbuttoned her blouse and began caressing her nipples through her bra. He looked up at me and said,

“Jon let’s take you wife into the bedroom and you can help me get her ready to fuck.”

She meekly took his offered hand as I led us into our bedroom. Once there he instructed me to remove her clothes. I slid her blouse off her arms and then like the clumsy oak I am I couldn’t get her bra unhooked. Sue gave a sigh of exasperation along with a look that I knew all too well and she just ripped the hooks off her bra and threw it on the floor. I unbuttoned her skirt and slid it to her feet and next her sexy little slip. I got on my knees to pull her panties off, it was so sexy I could smell her scent and her panties were soaking wet.

Shawn instructed her to lie on her back across the bed and put her feet up on it. He said nothing to me but merely pointed and I knew to bury my face in her steamy cunt. My wife usually has a hard time achieving orgasms and I swear I spend hours coaxing an orgasm out of her. However, this night she grabbed two handfuls of my hair holding my face in place and was moaning in the throes of a super climax within seconds. I looked up to see what brought this on and saw her head off the side of the bed and Shawn’s large cock deep down her throat. I believe she was cumming not from my tongue but from his cock in her mouth. I’m sure she had at least three before Shawn pulled out of her mouth, I heard her give a little ‘Oh’ of disappointment. She turned to the head of the bed as he climbed on and I went to sit in our chair and watch. Her look was utter adulation as she came again when he plunged inside her. She rubbed her hands through the hair on his chest and he began his assault. He picked up his pace and she screamed for more begging him to take her. I could see his balls from where I sat, I watched them tense and knew he was ready to fill my wife with his seed. Once he was done he climbed off of her put his clothes on, then looked at me,

“You get clean up.”

Then he gave me his card and said I should call him and we could do this again sometime.

Sue lay on her back still panting and I went between her legs and sucked out Shawn’s sperm from her worn out pussy. After I coaxed another climax out of her, I lay down next güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri to her and as she slowly calmed down, she said,

“Jon I have to do that again, I feel I couldn’t live without having that feeling back.”

I told her he gave me his card and I would call him tomorrow and invite him over as soon as he could make it. She kissed me then thanked me and then turned over and went to sleep. As for me, nobody worried about whether or not I had cum yet. This made me grumpy as I went off to the bathroom to masturbate.

I called Shawn the next day from work at about eleven.

“Hi Jon I’m glad you called, why don’t you drop by for lunch?”

I agreed, got his address, and was there by twelve-thirty. He lived in a beautiful building in an upscale neighborhood. He opened the door wearing only a swimsuit; he told me he had just got up when I called and was enjoying the morning sun on his deck. He invited me to join him and then told me to sit showing me an extra large chaise. He went to the kitchen and came out with a pitcher of Mimosas, they looked so refreshing I accepted by saying I shouldn’t. I was stretched out on the chaise still in my suit and tie and he sat next to me. He asked me how I enjoyed last night and I told him my wife really enjoyed it and couldn’t wait for an encore.

“Oh I know she enjoyed it but what about you?”

I told him I was very turned on all night and I had surprised myself. I told him it was the first time I had been in the same room with another man having sex.

“Does that mean you’ve never had sex with another man?”

I told him no and then he reached over and kissed me on the lips. This was so strange I felt his unshaved face scratch my chin and his lips were not soft, like my wife’s but firm. He pushed his tongue in my mouth and I accepted it with a hunger. I put my hands on his chest and searched for the nipple hidden in his fur. He broke our kiss and guided my lips to his nipple and I slowly traced my tongue down the trail of hair on his chest down to his flat stomach. He pushed me lower, I got on my knees between his legs, and as he lifted his ass, I pulled off his trunks. Just like that, there it was, I held his cock in my hand, stroking it. I kissed the tip and licked underneath all the way to his balls, and then it was in my mouth. I sucked, licked, and tried to swallow it whole but I couldn’t get it down.

“Can you still taste your wife on me? I haven’t even bathed since last night.”

Why yes I think I could still taste some of my wife’s cream on him and that only excited me more. I worked on opening my throat up, I wanted all of him, and güvenilir bahis şirketleri then my nose was deep in his pubic hair. I could smell Sue’s scent still in his hair further adding to my excitement. All of a sudden he began to cum down my throat. I licked him clean enjoying the taste of his sperm and I found myself wanting more.

He said lets go take a shower, I said I had to go back to work. He took my hand, led me to his bathroom, and told me to call in that I was going to be busy all afternoon. In the shower, we washed each other and washed each other’s hair. He held me close as the water poured down on us,

“I’m going to take your wife’s other cherry tonight but I think I should take yours first.”

I just nodded my head and then he leaned down and kissed me again.

We dried off and went to his bedroom naked and both of us erect. He had me lay on my back saying he wanted to look into my eyes as he took me. He showed me how to hold my legs up to expose my back end. He was forceful but not brutal as he took me and as he was ready to cum he held my dick and instructed me to cum with him. I shot off on my belly as he filled my bowels.

That night we said nothing of our afternoon adventure. As Shawn took my wife’s last cherry as he called it, he had me sit at the foot of the bed with my head under her and between her legs pleasuring her pussy as he filled her back door with his cock. The whole time I could feel his balls on my chin and I caressed them while he took his pleasure from my wife. I could feel his release building up inside them and took a perverse delight in knowing before her when he was ready to climax. When he withdrew, I cleaned him with pleasure as my wife watched from between her legs. I then cleaned my wife’s rectum slurping out his creamy nectar as it leaked from her bum.

That was the last night we all made love together, I was just too jealous. Not of Shawn but of Sue, it hurt me to see her pleasuring him. Therefore, she would go to him when He would allow and I would spend every afternoon I could away from my job to be with him. Of course, Shawn was a player not a lover and he soon grew tired of us both and left us in his wake. My wife was devastated yet I could only think she could get laid anywhere. I mean my wife was young and attractive, men always noticed her but what about me where would I ever be able to replace Shawn? Where would I ever meet a man, I knew nothing about meeting men. I just know I will end up a lonely hetro.

Sue and I are still together living as we once did but now we both realize it is a life of quiet desperation. I’ve never had the nerve to tell her of Shawn and I and she never talks of him I think because she doesn’t want to hurt me. If you ask if I’m sorry it ever happened, I can only say it was the greatest time of my life. I can honestly say even if it never happens again that I will still die a better man because of my short time with Shawn and the memories he gave me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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