Ally Ch. 03

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Todd was enjoying himself. The video was grainy black and white, but clear enough for his purposes. Ally was easily identifiable as the girl he was thrusting into. Her bare feet were bouncing behind his back so you could identify the ankle bracelet she wore. Her face was on the camera when she slid down the wall, lying there with her legs spread shamelessly. What to do with this treasure?

Todd was done with Ally. She was becoming boring. Just the other day…

Ally was at her locker when Todd came up behind her and snaked a hand around to grab her tit. Ally responded by turning and kissing him deeply. He pawed her ass and tits for a minute or two feeling her body respond to his public violation. Todd knew he could have fucked her right there in the hall. While to some guys this is a dream, Todd wanted a new challenge. He realized she was completely submissive to him. Ally didn’t care if he molested her in front of the whole school. Part of what made her worth his time was pushing her to debase herself for his pleasure. Seeing her eyes gleam with panic then seeing the lust win out, illegal bahis that was what he needed. Sex with a slut he could get anywhere. Boring! Girls were calling her a slut. There was no prestige in fucking the school slut. It was time to move on. Todd put the video on a public site and told everyone that he was done with this whore.

Ally was crushed by his betrayal. She loved Todd and he used her as a fuck toy. Now everyone had seen her fucking him like a prostitute in an alleyway. Who would want her now?

Colin spent his time looking for easy sex. A suave, well dressed predator who left a trail of discarded women in his wake. His dark eyes seemed hypnotic and his boldness gave him the power of seduction unmatched by most his age. Colin was observant. He noticed her transformation from mouse to hot piece of ass. Sure, she had a terrible reputation, but he wasn’t looking for a relationship. She would be a perfect fucktoy. Now she was vulnerable. Time to strike! As Ally approached her locker a cheerleader said “look it’s the porn star!” It was too much. Ally leaned against her illegal bahis siteleri locker door and cried.

Colin made his move. He came up to her and put an arm around her shoulder. “Don’t listen to her!” She cried on his shoulder and vented. This time spent feigning sympathy was a good investment on his part.

The payoff came three hours later when she was lying back on his bed clad only in her bright red thong. Colin acted as a good friend and the seduction was child’s play. Slut or not she looked perfect to him lying there with that streaked porn blonde hair, deeply tanned breasts, and pierced navel (Todd’s idea) right down to her ankle bracelets and toe ring. She was grinding against his palm as he kissed her sloppily.

He shoved her thong aside and pushed her knees up to her chest for maximum access. He slammed into her and pounded until he came quickly. Ally was moaning and he could see the creamy white juice collecting on his shaft. This was just for relief. Now he could play at leisure. He never asked about a condom because it wasn’t his problem.

He canlı bahis siteleri slid up to place his cock in her face and she took the hint sucking him clean and working his cock to hardness again. Then he pushed her away and onto her side. He saw the gaping cunt dripping with his cum but the swollen sphincter was too tempting. Colin ordered her to take her panties off. Moving up behind her, he pushed past her relaxed sphincter without asking permission. She winced and put her hand out to slow his progress. He ignored the plea for patience and immediately began jack hammering into her ass. He loved the sound of his hips slapping against her asscheeks. She began playing with her clit and soon came. Ally realized that Colin’s degradation of her was even more exciting than Todd’s! She began to think that her feelings for Todd were not love, but pure lust. Ally didn’t need a boyfriend, she was fine with any cock!

Colin decided to push his luck. Todd had told him that she did ATM and he wanted to try. Just before he bust a nut he pulled out of her ass, stopping to watch it try and close, and moved up to her face. He sat on her tits and put his not too pleasant cock under her nose. Ally looked a bit unsure, but tasted her ass again. Now she wasn’t just Todd’s ass whore but anyone’s. Afterwards she dressed and went home feeling a lot better.

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