Afternoon Delight

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“Slow down Ann; tell me again what he wanted.”

“He said he wanted to take my back door.”

“Do you mean…”

“Yes, sister dear, he wanted to fuck me in my ass. You wana know what I did, I’ll tell you what I did I demanded he take me home that very instant. Once I was home I told him I never wanted to see him again.”

Although rather surprised none of this information from her sister shocked Jean. In fact, she found it intriguing and once hanging up she couldn’t get the thought out of her mind. When she and Alan were dating, anal was a regular part of their sexual repertoire. Jean enjoyed anal so much she began to prefer it to regular sex and Alan delivered much pleasure as he took her for his own enjoyment.

However, Jean and Alan were not meant to be and once apart Jean never considered that she would have trouble finding another lover to enjoy anal with her. The first man she dated after Alan was, well she couldn’t even remember his name, looked at her aghast when she requested him to take her anally. Jean quickly found to her dismay that many men had no desire for anal and finally she just quick asking, that way avoiding the embarrassment.

Well it was oblivious to Jean that Ann’s date had taken out the wrong sister. Could she solve this dilemma without offending her sister or even worse making her think she was immoral sexually? The more she thought on it the wetter she became and soon she couldn’t care less what her sister thought about it. She knew his name was Jack and where he worked, now if only they didn’t have too many people with that name. She called his work and as the phone rang, she realized she had no idea how he looked. When the receptionist answered, she asked for Jack and then was put on hold. What was she going to say to him, this was a mistake—

“This is Jack Sims, how can I help you?”

“Hello illegal bahis Jack, my name is Jean, I’m Ann’s sister. I need to talk to you and I’m hoping you’ll meet me for coffee after work or even lunch if you’re free.”

She could hear her own heart thumping as she realized how forward she was being but on Jack’s end was pure silence.

“Hello, are you there?”

“Yes I’m here; I’m just wondering why you’re interested in talking to me. If Ann wants to tell me something, she can tell me to my face.”

“No, Ann knows nothing of this and I would hope she never learns of our conversation. I can’t talk over the phone but please meet me.”

He thought for a while and the agreed to a meeting for lunch that very afternoon.

Jean wasn’t sure just how this meeting would go but just in case she jumped in the shower where she not only shaved all the hair from her body she cleaned her back door thoroughly. Once hairless and anally hygienic she leaned back on the shower wall and let the water cascade over her clit. She enjoyed masturbation by water and as she let memories of Alan and his back door loving run through her mind. After so many orgasms that she was beginning to feel so weak that her legs were beginning to shake she turned off the shower. She felt so naughty by her boldness with Jack that she decided not even to wear the tiny thong she had picked, she was going commando.

Jack knew he was making a big mistake, even worrying that maybe Ann had some brothers laying in wait to do ill with him. He couldn’t say for sure why he was keeping this date; maybe it was the sound of her voice he just couldn’t say. He watched her walk into the coffee shop and was glad he got there first so he could scrutinize her. Jack was surprised by her looks, not slim like her sister but full figured just as he liked his women. Big dark eyes illegal bahis siteleri and full red lips spoke of nothing but sex to him, her long dark hair cascaded over her shoulders to caress the tops of her breasts. However, it was her rump that Jack found fascinating. It was big and round and he kept thinking about taking a bite out of it as if it was some sinful apple.

Jean was aware she was nervous and as they introduced themselves to each other, she knew she had better just speak before she chickened out.

“This is soo embarrassing and I’m not sure what you will think about me but I think the only way is for me to just say it. My sis told me what you wanted to do to her the other night, no don’t apologize I understand. Please just let me talk before I lose my nerve. I had a boyfriend and he and I did, well did what you asked Ann to do.”

She stopped finally too embarrassed to go on, or even look in his face. Her faced, still bowed she sensed more than saw his presence next to her and she jumped when he took her arm. When she stood, he kissed her and without another word, they left the coffee shop together. He opened the door of his car for her but only spoke when he too was seated on his side.

“I know this was hard for you but I’m so glad that you were brave. Come with me right now to my place and I’ll do what I can to make you a happy woman.”

Jack leaned over and kissed her again, then started the car and raced home. Jean could feel herself getting wet from the anticipation of what lie ahead. She could just tell her humiliation would be worth it and this would be an afternoon of delight.

Once inside his apartment there was no need for delay, both knew what they wanted and it was the same thing. Jean didn’t even undress all she did was crawl up on Jack’s king size bed, then pull her skirt up over her butt. canlı bahis siteleri She got into the doggie position spreading her massive thighs to open her cheeks wide. She looked over her shoulder at him, watching him undress. She kept moving her ass back and forth in anticipation; he was handsome enough but right now only one thing mattered.

“Please, just hurry, I need it now, don’t hurt me but don’t be gentle either.”

Jack was almost beside himself with passion, here was this massive ass undulating before him as she begged him to bugger her. He had never met such a wanton women before and it was turning him on something fierce. He reached in his bed stand for his lube and then liberally coated both his cock and her bum hole with it. Then with no foreplay, he buried himself inside her. When she screamed, he thought he’d hurt her and stopped

“No, no, don’t stop, oh it’s so good, I’ve waited so long for this, oh yes, oh yes.”

Instead of pain, it was the first of many orgasms that Jean was to experience that day and as soon as Jack saw her pleasure he came too as he erupted deep in her rectum.

They lay together on the bed too exhausted to speak, both just panting as two dogs in the hot afternoon. After some time Jack recovered enough to talk,

“Jean, I didn’t use protection but I want you to know I’m safe so there is no need to worry.”

Jean who hadn’t even thought about it told him she too was safe and then giggled when she said she loving the feeling of him tricking out of her butt.

Jack called his office to say he wasn’t coming back and then inviting Jean to shower with him. It was a randy shower that ended up with sex the old fashioned way, front door style but standing. After, they had lasagna leftovers, eaten cold and right out of the pan washed down with Chianti poured into water glasses. They finished the bottle as they talked, they soon realized the only thing they had in common was the sex. Jean wondered if you could build a relationship on sex alone. As Jack held her hand leading her back to his bedroom all she could think was, “God I hope so.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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