Adventures After 35: Episode 02

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As my last episode ended, my Fed-Ex guy Gregg had just fucked my ass and made me swallow his load. When I woke up I was hoping to have another round with Gregg but he was gone only leaving me a note. I knew that there would be many more sessions ahead with Gregg, and I looked forward to them. My ass was still sore from taking all of Gregg’s huge cock, but it strangely felt empty. Just thinking about last night got me hard, so I decided to jump in the shower to clean up and jack off. After My shower looked at myself different in the mirror no longer did I see the same straight guy I used to see. Now I saw a man loved a nice hard cock as much as a tight pussy. I just had to explore my new found bi side and do it soon.

I got horny as hell thinking about what all had happened in the last 24 hours, and decided to call my book store cock sucker. At first I thought he wasn’t going to answer the phone. He finally answered and I wasn’t sure how to introduce myself, but thought what the hell. Go for it.

“Hello, I wasn’t able to get your name. We met in the book store yesterday” I began.

“Yes, I remember, Is there something you wanted” was his reply.

“Well, I was hoping you might want to get together today and go to lunch” I asked.

“Sorry, but I already have plans for lunch, but I could meet you back at the bookstore late this afternoon” He replied.

We set up a time, and I then remembered I still did not know his name. I was anxious for the rest of the day. Jut thinking about his mouth on my cock, made me hard as steel. I couldn’t wait any longer and headed to the bookstore a little early. I walked in the book store looking around half hoping to see my cock sucker, but no such luck. I was looking at some of the magazines, when I first noticed him. A very innocent looking guy I suspected to be in his early 20’s. he kept looking my way, wand was following me around the store. I walked over to him and attempted to strike up a conversation.

“Is this your first time in here?” I asked. He just stood there not saying anything. He would glance down at my crotch then back to my eyes. I took a step closer to him and placed my hand on his small waist. “Is there something you are looking for?” I asked. Again he just said nothing but let his hands do the talking as he cupped my balls in his hand. He gently squeezed and let go. I took hold of his hand and led him into one of the booths. Once inside the booth I asked him again what it was he wanted. He kept staring at my crotch still not saying a word. I took his hand and placed it on my crotch and he began rubbing my cock thru my jeans as I leaned against the wall. I told him to take it out if he wanted to play with it. He dropped to his knees and began undoing my jeans, he pulled the down and had me step out of them as he folded them up neatly and placed them on the bench. He then began licking my cock thru my underwear getting me hard as a rock. He had the front of my boxers completely wet with his saliva as he continued licking and sucking at my cloth covered cock. He stood up and began removing all his clothes, folding them neatly and putting them on the bench as well. His cock was hard and a nice 6 inches but very skinny. He leaned in to me sliding my shirt over my head. He then slid my boxers off and grabbed my hard cock as he leaned in and began sucking on my pecs. He was acting like sex starved maniac and he had not said one word yet.

He pushed me back forcing me to sit down on the bench. He climbed in my lap and lowered his ass down onto my hard cock. He slid all the way down my cock till my balls were resting on his ass. He stuck his tongue out and I readily leaned into his waiting kiss.Our tongues dueled as he began raising his ass and letting sliding back down on my cock. He broke the kiss looking in my eyes as he bounced up and down on my cock clenching his ass muscles as he rode my cock.

“This is what I wanted, god your cock feels so good in me. Ohh damn how I need this, Fuck Me” he said.

His ass did feel good wrapped around my cock. I grabbed his hips and began pushing and pulling up and down my cock. He was twisting my nipples as he rode me hard, twisting his body and flexing his ass as he bounced on my cock. I was driving up into him his hard cock rubbing against my stomach as he rode me was a feeling unlike any other. He wrapped his arms around me hugging me close as he ground his hips in circular motions as he continued riding my cock.

“Ohhh god your cock feels good, please cum in my ass. I need your cum in my ass” he said.

His cock was oozing precum like a faucet was turned on as he clench his ass around my cock. I was getting close to blowing my load and really started shoving up into his down thrusts. Grabbing his shoulders and pulling him down on to me fully I flex my hips driving every bit of cock I could into his tight asshole as I dumped my load into him. He continued wiggling his ass, milking canlı bahis şirketleri my cock for every drop of cum he could. Spent he leaned in and I kissed him again as I felt traces of my cum leaking from his ass and onto my balls. He raised off me letting my softening cock slip from his ass and began licking my cock and balls getting all the traces of cum he could. As he stood back up I saw his cock was still hard as he had not gotten off yet. I pulled him towards me and took his cock into my mouth. His cock was small enough I could get it all in my mouth without gagging at all.He grabbed the back of my head and began face fucking me. Since his cock was skinny I was able to work my tongue on it some as he used my mouth to get off. His cock tasted completely different than Gregg’s did. His although not bitter didn’t have the sweet taste that Gregg’s had. He pulled his cock until just the head was in my mouth.

“Open your mouth, I want to watch my cum hit your tongue” He said.

He jacked his cock off furiously as he let the head sit on the tip of my tongue. He grabbed my head with his free hand holding me still as he began to shoot ropes of cum into my mouth. He jerked his cock up and shot more onto my face, smearing it around my lips and cheeks. Looking down at me he smiled as he finished cumming all over my face and in my mouth. He then licked my face and lips clean. He handed me my clothes as he began to dress and I followed his lead putting my clothes back on. Once dressed I followed him out the door, there was my cock sucker from the other day. The kid and he exchanged glances as my cock sucker pushed me back into the booth.

My cock sucker just grinned at me as he pushed me against the wall of the booth and grabbed my balls as he slid his tongue into my mouth. I let my hands slip down to his balls and cock and began rubbing him. His cock felt hard as I slid my hand across it. My cock sucker was also rubbing my balls and cock as his tongue danced in my mouth. He broke the kiss and let go of my balls.

Licking his lips “Tastes like you started without me” and reaching for my cock ” It feels like you have as well, By the way my name is Alex” he said.

I continued to massage Alex’s balls and cock through his jeans as he leaned back into me. We began kissing once more. The kiss ended all to soon I thought as I was getting into it more and more. And to think kissing another guy was something I never thought of before yesterday and I was an old pro at it now.

“Maybe we should go somewhere so you have some time to recoup. Before we continue our play” Alex said.

As we walked out of the store, the young guy I had just fucked in the booth, was standing behind the counter.

Smiling he said “Thank you for your business today, and please come back soon, real soon”.

Laughing as we made our way outside “So did you enjoy Lil Rick” Alex asked me.

I told him that he did indeed have one sweet ass, but I had no ideal that he worked at the bookstore. Alex went on to explain that was Lil Ricks game with the new customers that he liked.

Alex suggested we go back to his place as it was close, and we could have all night to play. I was more than eager and wanted to repay Alex for the excellent blow job he had given me the day before. I followed him to his house which was in a very nice and exclusive neighborhood. Alex ushered me into a very nice living room where I was surprised to see a very well built guy sitting on the couch wearing nothing but a pair of speedos. Alex introduced him as Jim.

“So is this the stud from last night, you told me about” Jim asked.

Cupping my ass in his hands, “Of course, who else would I bring home to play with on a Sunday night” Alex replied.

Jim stood and walked over to where Alex and I was standing. As he walked I could clearly see the outline of hardening cock and huge set of balls in his speedos. Jim began caressing my balls thru my jeans as he looked me over from head to toe.

“Mind if I join the fun tonight, I promise it will a night you never forget” Jim told me.

I gave him my answer by pulling his cock out of his shorts and began stroking it as Alex continued rubbing my ass. Alex reached around and unbutton my jeans sliding them down my legs as Jim took my shirt off. I took a moment to step out of my shoes and jeans as Jim pulled me into him. Our hard cocks pressed together as he shoved his tongue into my mouth. His kiss was quick as he pushed me to my knees. I slid his shorts down and was presented with a beautiful shaven smooth cock and balls. His cock was hard and at least 11 inches and almost 1/2 as thick, but his balls were huge they looked to be the size of some small oranges. Jim ran his hands thru my hair as I began licking and sucking on his balls. I licked from his balls to the head of his cock and swallowing as much of it as it could. I could almost got it all down my throat all but the last 2 canlı kaçak iddaa or 3 inches. Jim was pulling me on to his cock deeper and deeper but I still couldn’t get the last couple of inches to go in my throat. Jim pulled me off his dick and pulled on my heels to the couch where he sat down on the edge spreading his legs very wide.

“You will get it down, you just need to let your throat relax completely” Jim told me

I went back to work on Jim’s cock, sliding it back down as deep as I could into my mouth. I raised my head so that his dick was more aligned with my throat and licked and sucked getting it as moist as possible as I began trying to swallow and relax my throat. I felt a little more slide into my throat. Spurred on by Jim hand pressing down I repeated the motion getting another inch into my throat. His cock was stretching my mouth and throat and making it hard to breathe. But I was bound and determined to swallow this cock completely. The next feeling I felt sent me over the edge as I felt a tongue lick around my asshole. I gasped allowing Jim to shove the rest of his cock into my throat. Jim held my head there, his balls on my chin. Alex was tongue fucking me with gusto as Jim released my head allowing me to come up for air.

“Damn boy, You keep that up and you will be eatting my load” Jim said.

Looking at that beautiful cock and licking my lips I dove back on it working it back down onto my the bottom of my throat. Alex stopped licking my ass and moved up by me to watch me service Jim’s cock. I was massaging his balls as I let my tongue slide across the head of his cock each time I would bring it out of my mouth to catch my breath. Then shove all of his big dick back in my throat.

“I want him to fuck your ass Alex, I want him to fuck you hard” Jim told us.

“I want that to baby, But I want you to fuck him also. He needs to fell the pleasure you give me when you fuck me” Alex shot back.

I moaned my approval as Jim erupted a hot load of cum into my mouth. As Jim pulled out my mouth Alex helped me clean Jim’s cock. As Jim kept a hand on both our heads saying this is going to be one hell of a night. Alex leaned in to kiss me and I accepted his tongue as it entered my mouth My hands found his cock as Jim sat back on the couch to watch us. Alex and I kissed for a few moments until he pushed me back and dove on my cock.

Alex began working my cock with his mouth getting me hard and ready to fuck. He was swirling his tongue all over my cock and balls like he was possessed. Jim was smiling down at me as he jacked his cock, I grabbed Alex’s ears and was thrusting my cock deep into his throat. Alex was giving me a damn good blow job once more and I was loving every minute of it. His tongue seemed to find all the right places to drive me wild. He must have sensed I was close to cumming as he slowed down his sucking and squeezed the base of my cock.

“I don’t want this load in my mouth, I want it in my ass” Alex said.

“Well why dont we take this to the bedroom and you can properly fuck Alex’s ass while I watch” Jim stated.

I followed Alex watching his sweet looking ass, as he walked. Thinking about how hard I was going to fuck him. Once we got in the bedroom Alex got on the bed on all fours, presenting his ass to me. I took my cue and got on the bed behind him, as Jim handed me some lube. I spread the lube onto Alex’s ass working a finger in and out of his ass as I lubed up my cock. Jim leaned down grabbing my cock and pushing it to Alex’s man pussy holding it there as Alex’s wiggled his hips back trying to push my cock into him.

Slapping Alex’s ass hard, “Wait slut you will get his dick soon enough’ he told Alex. Whispering in my ear “I want you to fuck him hard and rough, dont be easy on the slut” Jim said.

I slid the head of my cock into Alex’s hole and felt a vise like grip envelop my cock. I was in pure bliss as I felt his ass grip hold of my cock as I pushed all my hard cock deep in his ass. Grabbing Alex’s hips I pulled 1/2 way out and slammed it back in. Flexing my hips with each thrust as I was fully buried in his tight ass. Alex was pressing back into my thrusts. I pulled all my cock out of his slapping his ass with it then merciless shoved it all back in till my balls were against his ass. Alex screamed out in either pain or pleasure. For me it was pleasure and I continued to fully stroke my cock in and out of his ass. I would pull out till just the tip of my head was in his ass and shove it all back in. I continued my assault on Alex’s ass, Jim got on the bed in front of Alex, grabbing him behind the neck he forced Alex’s mouth down on his cock.

“Suck my cock slut and get me hard so I can sample this studs ass” Jim told Alex.

Alex took all of Jim’s cock down his throat, It was so hot to see Alex bob his head up and down on Jim’s 12 inch dick. I grabbed on to Alex’s hips harder and began to fuck him harder driving my cock canlı kaçak bahis in to his ass with powerful strokes. Jim and I got into a very good rhythm. I would be pulling out of Alex’s ass and Jim would have his cock buried in Alex’s throat. I reached under Alex and stroking his hard cock and as I continued pumping my into his ass. Alex seemed to be enjoying the hell out of being double teamed. His hard cock was leaking precum all over my hand as I continued pumping his cock. Jim Pulled his cock from Alex’s mouth.

Jim was stroking his cock looking at me. “You ready for me to fuck you stud” he asked me.

I buried my cock deep into Alex’s ass, and told him “Yes, Stick the hot cock up my ass”. Alex dropped his head into the pillows, giving me better access to his ass. Jim stood

beside me for a moment watching me fuck his buddy’s ass. I couldn’t help but to reach out and grab hold of his hard cock, pulling it in to my mouth and kissing the head swirling my tongue around it.

Grabbing the back of my head and shoving about 1/2 of his cock in my mouth, I savored the taste of his cock. “Don’t worry stud you will get all of this cock you want, but I want your ass now” Jim said.

I watched as he applied the lube to his cock covering it good as he moved behind me, I felt him squirt some on my ass as he pushed 2 fingers in my ass. Spreading my ass hole

with his fingers. I soon felt the head of his cock at the entrance to my hole. He pushed me forward causing me to go balls deep into Alex’s ass. Jim held me there as he repositioned his cock and slipped the head into my ass. Jim began slowly pushing his cock into me fully until his balls was resting on my ass. Jim held his cock deep in me feeling the tightness of my ass, as Alex began pushing and pulling his ass on my cock. Jim then began fucking me with slow strokes. I was enjoying the hell of this threesome as my cock was in Alex and I had Jim’s cock in me. Jim began fucking me hard, gripping my shoulders and pulling all but the head out and slamming it back in. He was talking to me nasty the entire time he was fucking me like this.

“Take my cock you slut, You fucking little bitch you love this cock dont you, You like my bitch’s ass, While my cock is buried in your’s” Jim would say to me.

Jim’s assault on my hole was bringing me closer to blowing my wad into Alex’s ass. I warned them both that I was close, Jim began really hammering my ass and Alex flexed his fuck chute on my cock. I gripped Alex’s hips and buried myself deep in his ass as I shot what felt like a gallon of cum up his fuck chute. Jim must have sensed I just came because he started fucking me hard and fast. My softening dick slipped form Alex’s ass.

Pulling me back into his cock hard “Eat your cum out of my bitches ass you cock slut” Jim barked at me.

I shoved my tongue deep in Alex’s gapping hole, sucking and licking his ass. Tasting my own cum as I went. Alex was shoving his ass back into my face as I ate his ass.

“Don’t swallow all your cum slut, My bitch wants some too, Dont you bitch” Jim said.

I sucked up the remainder of my cum from his hole and Alex turned so he was just below me, I let the cum dribble from my mouth into Alex’s as his tongue found mine and we began kissing. Jim’s was still banging away at my ass as Alex slipped from beneath me and watched his friend fuck me. Jim pulled out of me and told me to lay on my back, as I rolled over Alex jumped to the head of the bed and feed me his cock as Jim pulled my legs up over his shoulders and slipped his dick back in my hole. Jim really went to work on my ass slamming in and out of me as I sucked on Alex’s cock. Alex’s dick tasted so good. I could hardly believe that here I was not in the middle of the double team and was loving it. I wondered what My girlfriend Holly would think if she saw me right now. Jim slowed his pace to a steady stroke almost teasing me with his cock as he slid it in and out of my hole.

“Are you ready to feed this slut some cum bitch” Jim asked Alex.

“Yes baby, I have a big load to feed this slut” Alex answered.

With that Jim pulled out of my ass and took the other side of the bed by my head. Both Jim and Alex’s cock was right at my lips as Jim told me open wide as they both began jacking their cocks. I put a hand on each cock and would alternate licking one then the other as they both began cumming all over my face. They were rubbing and twisting my nipples as they emptied their balls into my mouth and on my face. Jim and Alex then licked all the cum of my face and chest as we began a hot 3 ways kiss sharing the cum till it was all gone. Jim was the first one up saying he was going to take a shower. As he left the room Alex and I continued to kiss and rub each other spent cocks. Alex said he hoped I was up for some more fun after we got cleaned up and ate something. I just smiled and knelt down giving his cock a lick, asking him what did he think.

This is the second installment of the series, I really appreciate the feedback, so please keep it coming. Let me know what you think, or what you might like to see happen. I am open to any and all criticism and compliments.

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