A Trip to the Country

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Friday couldnt come soon enough. It had been a long week. Corporate meetings on the road. Long intense days but it was finally finished. I headed back to the hotel and stopped off at the bar. Normally I would drink alone, using the time to process the discussions of the past few days. As I entered the bar, you were sitting there nursing your drink. A lovely younger woman, gorgeous hair and painted nails that made me smile.

I found myself standing next to you and asking if I could join you.

“LOOKS like you’ve had a long day,” your smile brightened the room as you spoke.

“Board meetings… need I say more.”

I ordered a scotch on the rocks as we continued our small talk. Clearly you were flirting with me. You had firm full breasts straining against your tight blouse, not too big. Just the way I like em. And I found it hard to look into your eyes rather than at the open cleavage.

At one point in our banter, I said I bet your a hard one to handle.

“Oh I’m more than you can handle, alone,” that coy smile indicated you were more serious than joking.

“Maybe I’ll just need to get some help then.”

You gave me an odd smile as if I had hit a hot button.

There was a bit of silence as we both took a silent sip and pondered for a bit.

Some creature then invaded my soul and the next thing I knew, I had taken your hand and was saying, “C’mon, we wont find that kind of help in a place like this.”

It was crazy. Ridiculous. And yet, you slid off your barstool and we walked to the elevator. We got out at the parking deck and quickly found my car.

The ride was quiet. Electric. The sexual energy was heavy in the air. With one hand on the wheel I took your hand in mine. You actually held it to your perky breast. Taking the hint I began to grope your amazing breasts through the sheer fabric of your blouse. The hotel was on the edge of town so I headed towards the country.

“Where are we going?” you asked curiously, a nervous quiver now in a previously brave voice.

“I’m not really sure,” I chuckled back. “But I’m hoping to watch you get fucked.”

I could feel your body shudder a bit and I took this as an invitation to place my hand on your thigh and begin sliding it upward.

I was pleased and a bit surprised that you lifted your skirt all the way up, exposing lovely pink lace panties. Your legs parted to give me full access to your point of desire. The scent of lust filled the air as my hand moved against your heat.

We casino siteleri turned onto a gravel road. Ahead I saw a couple of farmers in a field loading hay bales onto a trailer. As we came closer, I noticed the men were young 20-somethings. Both had their shirts off. I steered the car to the side of the road and stopped near their trailer. I got out and yelled over, “Hey fella’s hows it going?” They both nodded and kept tossing bales. I continued, “My girlfriend has never seen a hay bale. Can we come out into the field so she can see what you’re doing?” The older one just waved to me to come on over.

I leaned back into the car. “Here’s your big chance” I winked. You seem to blush as you glanced back with eyes wide but you didn’t hesitate to get out of the car.

We walked about 50 yards out into the mowed field to reach the trailer.

“Not much to see here,” the older one said. “Just two guys throwing bales in the heat.”

I smiled warmly, “Actually fellas, this might just be your lucky day. This will sound strange but my lovely friend here is… well… very horny. And she wants to be fucked by strangers. No names, no strings, just good old fashioned country sex. Are you game?”

I glanced over at you to see your face blushed red but I wasn’t sure if you were embarrassed or just eager with need and anticipation. The two workmen looked at each other like someone just told them they’d won the lottery and didn’t believe it.

“Why dont we all go behind the tractor so no one can see us from the road.” You followed as I took you by the hand.

You and I stopped behind the truck and the two men walked tentatively over to us. I reached over an unbuttoned your blouse… conveniently, your bra had a front clasp, which quickly released to expose your beautiful full breasts. “Go ahead boys, get acquainted.”

The younger man looked at the other and then reached out to touch your breast. I heard a slight gasp from your lips.

The men were hot, sweaty, muscular standing before us with no shirts and just dirty jeans and work boots. The youngster’s rough hands began to fondle your tits. And he soon caught on that your nipples were rather sensitive. I helped you lean back against the truck and the older one joined in. The fellas were getting into it, leaning in to suckle on your nipples, pinching and pulling your tender nubs. Your head was thrown back and your breathing was shallow and quick.

“Just two rules fella’s, okay three. First, she makes the slot oyna rules. Stop when she says stop. Second, I’ll be taking pictures with my phone but no faces. Third, if you get that far, you’ll have to wear a condom. Now, play on and unzip those jeans.” I stepped back and smiled. My own throbbing cock clearly visible through my dress pants.

The youngster quickly fiddled with his zipper and soon revealed a nice 6in hard on, not too thin or too thick. It caught your eye and you reached out to hold it… caress it and you helped him tug his pants down to his knees and then you began to stroke it. Your hungry eyes then glanced over at the other farm hand. And he obliged.

Your eyes grew wide as you first touched his sizeable cock. About 8in and thicker than the younger cock beside him. Both hands were now jerking a cock. I reached over and pulled up your skirt. “I dont think you need these any more,” I said as I pulled your panties down revealing your furry pussy already glistening with lust. The younger lad growled as he watched me reach down and dip a finger in your wetness and then lick it off. “MMM fellas. She seems to be enjoying this.” Your moan was the perfect exclamation point.

The youngster seemed to grow bolder and he asked, “May I fuck you ma’am?” You seemed to chuckle at his manners but nodded affirmative. And you turned around, giving him your ass. I handed him a condom and as he fumbled to get it on, you turned your attention to the bigger cock, bending over to run your tongue around the large flared head and capture the bulb in your lips.

When the youngster was skinned and ready he grabbed your lovely ass, bent his knees and stabbed a few times trying to find his target. Without stopping your cocktail sucking action, your reached back and helped guide him in to your warm wet willing sex. He gripped your ass cheeks and quickly began a steady fuck motion, slapping against your ass making you take more of the other cock in your mouth.

His young muscled body worked rapidly at pumping your needy cunt. Slapping into you. Grunting. Rutting like a buck. His skinny cock sawing in and out of you while you choked and gurgle on the cock in your mouth. He reached around and found your tits, dangling and swaying. He cupped them and then started to pinch your nipples. I could hear you panting and watched as you starting to fuck back onto his cock.

The poor fella couldn’t help his youth. He grunted, panted and fucked hard and deep and soon he was cumming into that pussy canlı casino siteleri as his body shuddered. Then he collapsed. His sweaty chest against the back of your blouse. A moment or two to catch his breath and he looked over at me, grinning, and pulled out.

You looked up at the older man and said, “You’re next.” He took you by the hand and led you to the back of the pick up. Lifting you up and laying you on the tail gate. I handed him a rubber and he was quickly armed and ready. Lying on your back, your legs spread wide you were a vision of lust. Pussy glistening, breasts heaving, and his big cock now poised to invade you.

He gave you a few quick jabs. Just enough to bury his cock head in your wet heat. Your eyes were first wide and then closed in bliss as he gripped your hips and drove that man meat all the way to the hilt. Your cunt stuffed, you let out a moan “Fuck me farm boy” you groaned. And he did.

He pumped and stabbed and thrust into that slippery wet pussy. The truck was rocking to your fuck rhythm. Your legs were wrapped around his bare ass, spurring him to give you more, I reached into tweak your nipples, pinching them, twisting them, tugging them as his cock relentlessly assaulted your needy pussy.

“OH FUCK!” You screamed. “I’m gonna CUUUMMM.” And your body started to tremble and quiver as he continued to hammer that big tool into your cunt. He soon started to grunt and fuck with a purpose until his body froze except for his quivering ass checks as he pumped his load into your pussy.

You lay there exhausted, exposed, satisfied and glistening with sweat and your own juices. My cock was absolutely throbbing and there was a huge obvious wet spot on the front of my slacks. After he pulled out and started to tuck himself into his jeans, I came around to the back of the truck.

“Got energy for one more” I asked. With the most arousing smile, you nodded. I took my cock out of my pants and slowly slid inside your creamy full lips. “Oh sweet Jesus, you’re so hot and wet and tight,” I groaned. I gave you about a dozen nice long deep strokes and then pulled out. I bent down and sucked on your clit for a moment and then stood up, tucking my cock back inside.

“These fellas need to get back to work so I think you’ll have to wait until we get back to the hotel,” I smiled.

We said our good byes. The fellows expressed their appreciation and invited us to come back anytime. I was surprised when you tossed your panties to the youngster, “A souvenir” you said with a wicked grin. We walked back to the car and before you crawled in, you kissed me hard and deep and whispered, “Thank you for a fantasy fulfilled. I hope I can make it up to you.”

“Oh I’m sure you will.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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