A Tale of Two Pussies Ch. 04

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**I’m not sure where to take this story, I would love some feedback!**

**This is a continuation of A Tale of Two Pussies, please read the previous chapters for a better understanding.**

Mary Ann bounced on my strap-on. I loved her like this; hot, horny, a complete slut. My slut. I pinched her dark nipples hard and she cried out.

“Fuck me baby. God, I love it when you fuck me.”

She was more than ready tonight and more than willing to do whatever I ask her. Mary Ann and I had been fucking like rabbits for a few months now since we were officially a couple. Though I took a more dominant role in the bedroom, she pretty much ruled outside it. I thrust my hips hard forcing her to take more of the long 10 inch dildo. She gasped.

“oooo, you fucking bitch. You want me to take it all tonight.”

She began slamming into me now; taking it all. I became enraged, she needed a reminder of her mistress’s power. I playfully slapped her but it was hard enough to get her attention. I gripped her long brunet hair in my hands and yanked hard. She let out a strangled cry. I forced her head to my shoulders and lifted my legs so I could push my hips of the bed. I began fucking her hard.

“Ahhhh, please mistress.”

“You need to be reminded of your position. This is my pussy. I’m in control. Do you understand bitch?”

“Y-y-yes mistress. Please!”

“Please what?” I yanked her head back harder and pounded her pussy, I wanted to see her face her orgasm hit her. She was having trouble answering.

Her mouth parted and exhaled series of gasps matching the fast thrusting of my cock. I slapped internet casino her juicy latina ass and gently bit her shoulder. It was a startling contrast to the hard thrusts she was receiving but I knew she loved it.

“Please make me cum! Can I cum? Pleaaase! I won’t be able to hold it!”

“Yes you may.”

“Aaaaaahh, fuuuuck!” Her eyes glazed and contorted with pleasure. Small beads of sweat rolled off her forehead. Her body writhing with pleasure and she didn’t stop her hips from pumping on my cock. I kissed softly on her shoulder as the aftershocks went through her.

“I love you”, she whispered.

I smiled, it felt good to be loved. “I love you too.” I took my time running my hands down her back.

“mmmm”, she murmured. Lifting her head she kissed me deeply; her tongue sliding over my lower lips, pulling me deeper into the kiss. I rubbed her voluptuous Latina ass. I slapped it a couple of times and my hips moved as if it were a reflex. I needed to taste her; I needed to feel her juices run down my face.

“Let me eat you, sit on my face.”

My cock made a suctioning sound as it slid out of her. She rearranged herself until her juice ass was on my chest and her knees were on the side of my head. Her pussy looked magnificent. I could smell her arousal. I blew hot air over her moist cunt and took small licks at her erect clit.

I loved her clit when she was aroused it was like a time bomb and its engorged state was always a turn on. I licked my lips and softly inserted her clit in my mouth. She grabbed my hair and pulled me in closer. I took her clit firmly in my mouth and swirled my tongue canlı poker oyna as I sucked on it.

I loved eating her out; it was my favorite pass time. She pressed into me. The sounds of her heavy breathing and moaning mixed with my slurping penetrated the walls. I was in the zone and loving it.

“Please let me cum, I don’t know if I can take it.”

I was keeping her on the edge so I could enjoy her body. I was about to make her cum when my phone rang.

Never taking her pussy off of my mouth I said, “don’t answer it” However, it sounded more like “mmmpphhh ammmpher eph”

She picked up my phone and pointed it down so I could see the caller. My mother. I moved to get up but found that I had a rather large object on me. Mary Ann smiled and said, “Didn’t your mother tell you not to speak with a full mouth.” With that she answered my phone.

“Hello Mrs. Conners,”

I nipped her clit for good measure. Her sudden hard intake of breath must have triggered my mother.

“No Mrs. C, I’m ok. Just tripped. Umm, Lisa is busy eating right now. Can I take a message?”

Her mischievous grin set me off. She said I was eating, why not finish her off. I grabbed both of her thighs. If the slut wanted to be eaten, I’ll eat her. I shifted her slightly and forced my tongue deep into her pussy. She gasped again and gripped my hair trying to pull me off of the increasingly wet cunt. I grabbed her hand. Pulling off my head; I forced it behind her.

“S-s-sorry Mrs. C. I tripped again. Y-you know I’m clumsy.”

Her tell-tell sign of a impending orgasm began with her inability to speak. I knew then I should poker oyna bring her over. I added a moan to my attack; once again sucking her clit and using my other hand to finger fuck her.

“Oohh fuck!” she yelled into the phone. She gushed on my face and made soft gasping noises.

Falling back on the bed and away from my face she moaned and cupped her twitching up. I sat up, face wet with her juices and picked up my fallen phone.

I could hear my mother through the phone; “What the hell is going on? Hello?!”

“Hi mom,” I answered.

“What the hell is going on? Is Mary Ann ok?”

I smiled, “Yeah, she’s fine. She bit off more than she could chew so now she’s recovering. What’s up?”

My mother paused, “Well, your father and I are coming up for a visit in a few hours and we were thinking of spending the weekend in the city.”

“Oh yeah? Why?”

Mary Ann had recovered and began taking off my strapon. I spread my legs and watched her slither into position. With her ass up and face buried in my I began slapping it.

My mother blew and exasperated sigh, “Can’t we come to city for a while? If you don’t want us to stay, just say so. It’s not like you come home that often and you know your fathers been crying.”

My father was such a wimp. I was starting to believe what my brother said about him having a pussy and my mother having a dick was true.

“No mom, you know I want to see you. Come on up. I’ll see you in a few hours.”

“Fine. And Lisa?”


“Don’t eat her so much, though it does wonders for your skin, but you’ll spoil her. Learn some damn restraint.”

And with that she hung up the phone. I could only sit in shock. Noticing the amazement on my face Mary Ann asked what was wrong. I smiled at her.

“I’ll tell you while you finish me off.” She dove back in and I began explaining the up coming events.

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