A Private College Liaison

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It all started a long time ago, seven years to be exact…that was when I started experimenting with different things. Now I’m in college, and was ready to have the time of my life…until a few nights ago, I only wished to have the ultimate experience of my life…I never expected it to happen…

It was a Thursday night, exams were over and everyone was waiting for spring break. My roommate and I were sitting on the floor around some candles watching a Thursday night sitcom on our little 23″ television that accommodated our dorm room. There was a knock on the door. It was our pizza guy (he was extremely cute and us two girls have always talked about how we would love to fuck him one day) with our pizza -of course-. We paid him and he left. Before we had our pizza, we changed into our usual pajamas (boxer shorts and tank tops –this is college you know–), and got comfy on the floor in front of the old television eating our pizza. We saw a commercial for Viagra and just started laughing. Then we started talking about how the pizza boy wouldn’t need such a drug, because he was just so young and gorgeous. My roommate and I immediately started talking about having a threesome with the two of us and our little pizza boy, and how fun it would be.

I asked my roommate if she’d ever done anything with a girl before. She told me that she’s only thought about it, but never followed through because she could never find a girl worth the time. She asked me the same question, only I had a different answer…I told her that I had never done it, but would definitely love to try it out, with her…(I mean we were getting horny canlı bahis şirketleri over the pizza guy fantasies)…

I told her to hang on a sec, so that I could get under my bed and get my vibrator. I used to use one when I was in high school and thought that would be a perfect start to get us in the mood. I pull it out and tell her that she can try it out. She’s feeling adventurous so she turns it on and starts rubbing the vibrator over her luscious tits (oh yeah my roommate is about 5’8, 124 lbs., long light brown hair and dark blue eyes, has about a 34C and is really beautiful…I on the other hand am about 5’5 130lbs, long light brown hair and brown eyes and am a 36C..I fall into the “cute” category but am still a knockout) I can see that she’s getting a little excited, because her nipples are starting to poke out through her tank top. I’m getting more excited now too, thinking that something is going to happen tonight….something good!

I walk over to her and sit down next to her. I tell her that it’s my turn to play a little. She just looks at me, licks her lips, brings her face up to mine and just kisses me. That immediately starts the flowing of my pussy juices. Kissing another woman was something that I had always wanted to do. Just feeling her soft lips up against my soft lips was an unimaginable feeling, too hard to describe. As she’s kissing me, her hands wonder up and cup my now hard nippled tits, and start to massage them. I do the same to her. We both let out little soft moans, because this just feels so good.

I reach down to her waist and pull her shirt off, revealing the most canlı kaçak iddaa beautiful tits I’ve ever seen -and I told her so-. She then takes my shirt off and comments on how beautiful mine are too. We’re sitting there topless, just admiring ourselves. Then she asks me if I’ve ever wondered what it would feel like if I could suck on a woman’s nipple. I of course say that I have and she tell me to go ahead and do it. I’m game…so I lick down to her neck, and trail my tongue down her shoulders and run my tongue around her hard nipple. A slight moan escapes her lips. I circle a few more times with my tongue and then take my soft, wet lips around her nipple and suck on it…softly at first and then harder and faster until her breathing quickens. I move from the left nipple onto her right nipple and do the same thing. I’m laying on her as I do this and she starts grinding her hips against me and is playing with my tits as well.

She lifts my head up off of her tit and kisses me. We roll over and she takes my tits into her hands and rolls her fingers over my nipples making them harder than they’ve ever been. My pussy is dripping wet right now and I can only imagine how wet she is… My roommate asks me if I want to feel what she had a chance to feel and I said yes, so she went on to sucking and playing with my tits.

Meanwhile as she’s working on my tits I’m working at taking her little boxers off. It doesn’t take much. I work my hands down into the top of her jammies and take them off & while she’s sucking, she’s working at taking mine off as well…I ask her if she wants me to finger her wet pussy and she says canlı kaçak bahis yes…

I bring my hand down to her wet, waiting pussy and take two fingers and put them into her pussy… she was sopped!…I work my way around her clit, teasing her at first…going slowly and very soft until she’s bucking her hips against me trying to get me to go faster. So I do. She moans and asks me if I would eat her pussy, because she’s always wondered what it would feel like. I get on top of her in a 69 position and dive right in…I take my tongue and circle it around her sensitive clit, occasionally sucking on it…making her crazy. She’s working her fingers into my pussy as I eat her out. I finally get my tongue going faster and faster, tongue-fucking her wet, juicy, sweet pussy…& she’s fingering me faster and faster…then she does what I wanted, as if she read my mind, she took her tongue and started going crazy on my own pussy!…it felt so good!…here we are…2 college roommates having the best girl-sex that anyone could ever have…

Things are getting extremely hot now and both of us are on the verge of cumming. I tell her to stop on me so that I can concentrate on her…she stops…and I tongue fuck her with a new burst of energy, and then and there she screamed as a wave of orgasm passed through her throbbing pussy…I held onto her clit and brought her down from her climax…immediately as if her energy was renewed, she dove into my pussy and ate it like she’d done this every day of her life since she was 13 years old…she tongue fucked me so fast that I also screamed in pure ecstasy…she did what I did to her and sucked on my clit as I was orgasming and she put a finger in my pussy and fingerfucked me through my orgasm…after a moment of resting, we went up to her bed and fell asleep two sweaty, spent college girls who had the best experiences of our lives…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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