A Nice Spring Day

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It was a nice spring day and I was driving home early from work to see my fiancée. As I approached my house I saw a strange car in the driveway. My cock started stiffening. When I got in the house I heard Lisa, my Fiancée, loudly moaning through an orgasm; my cock was rock hard and needed relief. I took the stairs two at a time.

Lisa is a fat slut, that’s why I love her. As I walked into the bedroom I nearly came in my pants at the sight that greeted my eyes. Lisa was lying on top of a big old daddy bear with his cock up her ass. She was on her back and our neighbor Mike, from across the street, was giving her pussy a hard fucking while his 18yo son Bill was on her chest fucking her enormous meat bags and forcing his cockhead into her smiling mouth with every thrust. I noticed that Mike had two fingers up his son’s ass. Just then Bill turned around as far as he could and started making out with his father. This was really turning Lisa on and I could tell she would cum again soon. Mike pulled his fingers out of Bill’s ass and forced him to suck on them. This sent all three into orgasm and I watched Lisa’s mammoth boobs jiggle all over as Bill shot a big load all over her face and hair.

The neighbors, having finished using my slut, washed up and shook my hand while exchanging pleasantries on the way out. I immediately started licking the cum off Lisa’s face while I twisted her nipple as hard as I could. “Hey cum slut, how have you been?” I said.

Still licking jizz off her lips she replied, “Boy, you sure know how to talk to a girl.” She giggled, “It’s actually been pretty good, I’ve been used by about thirty cocks so far today, but, you know, the first few weren’t a as good because my pussy and ass weren’t sore yet. Oh, and the new mailman really liked delivering to my slot this morning. How was your day hun?”

“About to get real good, you dirty fat bitch,” I sad as I lowered my face to start sucking several loads of semen out of her pudgy, hairy cunt.

Just then my boss, illegal bahis Glenn, entered the room. He’s in his mid fifties, balding, with a good gut hanging a little below the belt. I nearly drool when I see him in a business suit. “There’s a reason I let you out early today,” he said as he started removing his clothes.

Already naked and nearly finished sucking the loads of anonymous cum from Lisa’s pussy and bush, I replied, “Well then help yourself to a serving of my fat whore, as usual.”

Glenn stood naked before me, his ragingly hard three and a half inch thick cock pointed in my direction. “Not this time,” he said, “I’m in the mood for something tighter, so assume the position, bitch.”

I eagerly got on my hands and knees and felt that monster cock rip all the way up into my ass. As I kneeled there taking a great ass fucking I started to suck the hairy balls hanging from the guy fucking my girl’s big, soft, jiggling butt. They were huge hairy balls and very sweaty. I loved licking the sweat off, and I could taste cum and Lisa’s juices on them.

Just then Glenn turned me and shoved his enormous cock down my throat. I loved the taste of my ass on his dick. His apple sized head was creating a bulge in my throat and actually making my jaw ache. This turned me on more.

Suddenly Lisa got up and started licking Glen’s asshole then the big old hot daddy bear, that had been beneath her, started fucking me. The daddy’s huge slab of cock meat was definitely the biggest I’ve ever taken. The feeling of the bear’s massive dick filling up my ass sent me into ecstasy. As the ridge of the head slid deeper with every thrust I screamed out around Glenn’s now ejaculating cylinder steak and began my own orgasm.

Glenn cleaned up and left. Lisa gave me a big tasty ass flavored kiss and the bear’s meat slid out of my hole. I had cum with nothing touching my dick; a first for me. My wife, on the other hand, was already begging for more cock in her, and the daddy bear looked insatiable. I illegal bahis siteleri took a minute to look at him, studying his rugged, masculine, latter middle aged handsome face, his hairy tits and belly, and his oversized uncut equipment. I felt possessed by him and wanted him to own me. I knew I would always do whatever he told me to do.

Just then about five or six business men who I had never seen before entered the room. “See, there’s the pig slut I told you about!” said one of them. My girl started smiling and fingering her fat hairy pussy. Then another of the men said, “Let’s fucking rape the hell out of the bitch!” They began slapping her and spitting on her face. Their cocks came out and they began a ruthless, vicious gangbang.

Things have gone too far, I thought, and I moved to break it up. Just then the daddy bear punched me hard in the stomach and shoved his elephantine cock deep in my throat. I was in heaven. He was brutally face-fucking me; slamming it all the way in and out with each stroke. I looked over and saw Lisa crying with a bloody nose as one of the men began to take a piss on her face.

Now daddy bear rammed it all the way in, my nose was in his pubes and my lower lip on his balls, and held me there. I couldn’t breath. “Do you love daddies cock down your throat?” he yelled. I could only vaguely reply in a murmured way.

“I said, do you love daddies cock down your throat?” he yelled again, this time easing off just enough for me to wheeze a, “Yes, Sir!” around his pulsating rod of meat, then pulled me off it.

The men finished up on Lisa and she lay there covered in cum, piss, and blood. “Did you enjoy your gang rape?” the daddy bear asked. I boiled with anger that he had prevented me from stepping in to stop the men and that he was now taunting her about it.

“You can’t rape the willing!” Lisa laughed, “I had a great time!” I was stunned, she had truly reached a new low in depravity. My respect and love for her grew beyond my wildest imagination. canlı bahis siteleri I was so happy that I was going to marry this debased slut.

He then lifted her up and on to his cock. He was lying on his back, so her beautiful fat ass was bouncing in the air. I couldn’t resist, so I plugged her ass with my cock. With the daddy bear’s monster cock bulging from her pussy, her ass hole was tighter than I ever felt it.

We were all breathing heavy and getting close to cuming. “Wait,” he called, “I want to abuse you more.” He was looking at me. “Come here big boy.”

He started face fucking me again while Lisa began eating my ass. I had to put much effort into not cumming. “Time to make a mess,” he grunted, and shoved his meat impossibly deep in my throat and held it there. This made my cock harder and harder as I coughed and sputtered. My face was turning red and my eyes were going blood shot.

Finally my reflex got the best of me and I puked all over his crotch. “Now clean it all up, bitch!”

“Yes sir, thank you sir,” I replied and completed the task swiftly. I was so turned on that all my skin tingled on the edge of orgasm.

“I have one last treat for you,” said the bear, “let’s see which of you can drink more of my piss.” With that he let loose a strong stream of piss right across our faces and we eagerly swallowed down as much as we could. Lisa and I kept pushing each other out of the way so we could try to get more.

When he was done he called us worthless filthy sluts and back handed us across our faces. “She’s bleeding and you’re not,” he said, “We’ll have to change that.” Then he punched me in the face and broke my nose.

This was just too much, I couldn’t take any more. I shot my load all over the place while grunting and falling down. Lisa, having also achieved her orgasm, lay beside me on the floor and we began to make out.

Just then we heard a massive grunt as the bear began to shower us with his delicious semen. As I began licking it off, I realized that this was the best sex I had ever had.

We all washed up and sat down for drinks. I extended my hand to him. “Hi,” I said, “I’m the slut’s fiancé.”

“Hi,” he said, taking my hand in a strong grip, “I’m the slut’s father.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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