A Lost Bet and an Anal Adventure Ch. 01

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This is from my graduation days. When I was in the third year, all of newly turned 20, the class stud, an incorrigible fellow named Bobby who would miss classes yet score more than me, had placed a bet with me that I wouldn’t be able to score more than him in the mid-terms. The terms were simple, whoever lost would have to do exactly what the winner said. I didn’t think about it and agreed to it and got down to work. I studied hard burning the midnight oil. After the exams got over, we had a three-day wait before the results came in. On the day of the results, he bounded into college bursting with energy like never before. Looking at him, I felt some nervousness building up inside me. What if he had managed to score more than me again? But no, that couldn’t be. I had studied hard and had attempted all the questions in the exams and was confident of a good score and that I would beat him. Building up my confidence, I began thinking up of what to make him do since he would evidently lose.

The results were put out around noon and all of us lined up to see what had become of our scores. I had scored 421 marks, three marks less than him. I couldn’t believe my eyes and with tears welling up inside me, I turned around only to find him standing there in front of me grinning from ear to ear.

I ran away from there with Bobby calling after me to stop. I didn’t listen to him and instead, opted to flee from the spot crying my heart out. Behind me, a couple of my friends were running after me to see if I was alright.

It took me some time to get a grip on myself and when I did, I decided that I’ll show good spirit and will take what’s due to me. So, I headed out to find Bobby. As was his habit, Bobby was sitting under a banyan tree in the farthest corner of the field. He usually hung out there with his friends. I had been there a couple of times and knew that if there was any place that Bobby would be, it would be here. So, I headed towards the tree and sure enough, I spotted him sitting there with a bunch of his lackeys. Upon seeing me approaching, he got rid of his friends and waited for me.

He was grinning from ear to ear again.

“So, come to finish the bet, have you?”

“Yes, I’ve come for that. What do you want me to do?”

Bobby sat there staring at me. And then he spoke pendik escort up.

“Nothing. The way you were crying, I don’t want to make you do anything you don’t want to.”

“Rubbish. I’ll do anything you want me to do. Now say it.”

“Are you sure? Think about it. Last chance to go scot free.”

“And what? Be called a cry baby? NO, thanks. Now tell me what do you want me to do?”

“Alright, if that’s what you want. Tomorrow, you will come to college wearing nothing but a long coat and shoes. Underneath the coat, you will be wearing nothing. And when you get to the college, come here and show me that you’ve complied with what I told you.”

“Huh? I can’t do that.”

“Well, you asked for it. I’ve told you what to do. Now it’s up to you. I did give you a chance to back out. You still have it. You can back out if you want,” he said grinning again.

Still in shock at what he had asked me to do, I stepped away from him and walked away slowly.

Back home, I spent most of the day sitting in my room quietly thinking about what Bobby had asked me to do.

“Should I or shouldn’t I?” That was what was running through my head.

Then suddenly, on impulse, I stood up and locking the door to my room, took off all my clothes and looked at myself in the full-length mirror. I was nicely built. A long neck which was highlighted by my collar bones, a well-built pair of titties that measured a handful 36C, from which my waist tapered down to a petite 22 and which then suddenly flowered into a pair of hips that measured 34 inches in girth. All of this covered in wheatish skin that glowed in the sun. My ass was firm and tight and rode high on my hips. All I needed to do was spread my ass cheeks a little while standing to display my asshole, a puckered ring of flesh to which I had never really paid attention. In the front, my pussy was surrounded by a thick jungle of pubic hair. Somewhere in my mind, the thought that I would have to trim my pubic hair if I was to fulfil the bet rose up. Grabbing hold of a pair of scissors, I began trimming away the forest. In about half an hour’s time, I had it down to barely a centimetre long. Now that looked a bit odd, looked like a stubble around my pussy.

Remembering my razor, I went in to the loo and after applying enough maltepe escort cream on what remained of my pubic hair I began shaving it all away, running the blade against the grain of the hair. It took some time, but soon enough, my pussy was absolutely bald. I had taken pains to find and shave even the tiniest of hair.

Sitting there on the floor with a small mirror in front of me, I washed my pussy and then took a closer look at it. I am proud to say that I have a beautiful pussy. It’s slightly plump, with my clitoris peeking through above a pair of beautiful lips that stick out of my hole of wonders, and has beautiful pale pink colour on the insides.

I rubbed my pussy a little and felt it giving me some pleasure so I continued and pretty soon, had worked myself up to an orgasm. That was when I decided that I’ll uphold my end of the bargain and will go wearing just the coat to the college the next day. I applied some lotion to my pussy and let it dry after which I put some talcum powder on it to help soothe it.

I spent the rest of the day looking at my own body and discovering things about myself. It felt good to get to know myself. I noticed that my titties, though big were firm and hung high up on my chest. Below my waist and hips, my legs were nicely formed and toned.

The next morning, after bathing, I pulled out my long coat and put it on, leaving aside my bra and panties, though remembering to keep them in my bag for later. On my feet, I put on a pair of slip ons. I tied my hip-length hair into a braid and put on some rouge on my face to hide myself from showing my blushes to the entire college.

At 9 am, my friend came to pick me up and was surprised to see me dressed in the long coat.

“Why are you wearing a coat? Isn’t it a bit warm for that?”

“I am upholding my end of the bet with Bobby. He beat me by three marks, remember?”

“Oh yeah, that. I hope you are wearing something underneath that coat.”

“No, I am as naked under the coat as I was born.”

That left my friend with a gaping mouth.

“Are you serious,” she said, reaching up under my coat to feel my legs.

I squealed as I jumped away from her laughing.

“Just don’t end up in trouble.”

“I won’t.”

We reached college around 945am and kartal escort I headed to the tree to hunt out Bobby. Sure enough, the loafer was hanging around there. But this time, he was alone. As I approached, I found that he was sitting there with a book and appeared to be studying.

“What are you doing?” I said as I approached. Evidently, he was so engrossed in it that he didn’t notice me approaching.

He looked up and smiled.

“So, you did take up the bet.”

“Yes, I did. I don’t flinch on my word.”

“Well, let’s see. Is there anything underneath the coat?”


“Show me.”

I looked around first to make sure no one else was watching. This far into the field, no one usually came and we were far enough from the main building for anyone to make out what we were doing.

Hesitantly, I closed my eyes and biting my lower lip, I opened the coat and stood there in front of him baring all my goods to his roving eyes.

I opened my eyes and there he was sitting on the ledge, open mouthed and with what seemed to be a hard on in his pants.

“Like what you see?” I asked him giggling at his expression.

“Uh… uhh… Yeah.”

Laughing, I closed my coat’s front and turned around to walk away from him.

“No, wait. Don’t go.”

“Why? I’ve held up my end of the bet. What more do you want?”

“Come closer and turn around.”

I was curious as to what he wanted so I stepped closer to him and turned around.

With his hands on my waist, he pulled me another couple of steps back and then I felt his hands lifting my coat from behind.

He wanted a look at my ass.

A couple of seconds later, I turned around and saw his face barely a couple of inches from my ass. Feeling naughty, I moved my ass suddenly and rammed his face with it. But that didn’t play out as I wanted it to. He still had his hands on my waist and holding tight, he buried his face into my ass and inhaled my musky aroma. That’s when I felt him.

He had put out his tongue and was giving a few gentle strokes to my asshole. The feeling was exquisite. It was almost as if my asshole had been connected to a power point and someone had turned it on. He continued to lick as I continued to moan gently. As suddenly as he had begun, he pushed me away.

With my coat now back in place, I turned around and looked at him.

“You are beautifully built. I wish I could have done more that beautiful body of yours.”

“Too bad, that’s all you get,” I said as I giggled and walked away from him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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