A Father Daughter Tale

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Many who read this tale will recognize it. I had submitted this under a different user name, but due to uncontrolled circumstances I had to remove my membership. I have now registered once again under this new handle. I will be submitting my other works after I have reworked them a little. So watch for them.

I apologize for the unfortunate though necessary hiccup and hope you will once again follow me. I so much appreciated your kind words of encouragement in the past, as it adds fuel to my enthusiasm for writing these stories. I hope you enjoy them once again.

Everyone in this story is fictional and any sexual encounter is between grown adults. Enjoy.


A Father Daughter Tale

I’m Bill. Before I get started into my story, I’d like to give a little background to help the reader understand the events I’m recording here.

I was a young father at eighteen, and my wife, a beautiful woman, was twenty. We had four children and a wonderful family life. With beautiful children, a job I loved and a family that was loving and fun, I felt as though my life was perfect.

I lost my wife, of twenty six years, six years ago to cancer and I struggled. All my kids had moved on by then and I didn’t know what I was to do. The two months following her death I went through life in a fog. My job didn’t excite me and I had nothing to looked forward to at home. I was always close with my kids and being able to talk with them was the only thing that kept me sane. It was during this time that Sheri moved back home.

Sheri was my first born, truly the “apple of my eye.” A real daddy’s girl. She would accompany me whenever she could, running errands, at work on occasion, and always when I ran my RC boat at the local municipal lake, when we lived in the big city. It was then that I first noticed her in a physical way, at eight years of age. Running around in her bathing suit at the lake, you could tell she was going to be a stunner. Her body, though undeveloped, was straight and perfectly proportioned. She had the prettiest blond hair, big smile and bright blue eyes. She was a cause of much pride in my life.

Later on, as she developed, she was a distraction and a source of impure thoughts, as I saw her body transform into that of a barbie doll. I mean tall, slim and well endowed. At eighteen she stood straight out there, with out the assistance of a bra. The only reason she wore one was to keep her from shaking all about and to hide her rather prominent nipples, nipples I would often see protruding out under her night shirts. Her skin was flawless and clear and she never went through that awkward blemish stage.

Through all this I never touched her in an impure manner. I did give her, along with my other kids, a good night kiss and hug. I remember feeling her body develop over time in those hugs. And she was never shy, as she would throw her arms around my neck and press her body fully into me. She never felt like she was too old for that nightly ritual. Oh my, I struggled internally with my thoughts of her. At times I felt pretty damn sick with the things that ran through my head.

We had moved to a small rural community when she hit high school and during the summer months she would work with me. I’m a cabinet installer. Her siblings never found interest in my work and found other things to do. But not her! She actually worked and wasn’t afraid to get dirty. She became very skilled and developed into my “right hand man”. After her high school graduation she began working for me full time.

This was probably the happiest time of my life. I felt like I had it all, because I did. As her siblings grew up and began to move away, married or school, I knew Sheri needed to move on as well. She never found anyone in our little town to be with and all her friends were starting families and getting on with life. It seemed as though she was happily stuck in life and in no hurry to do more. And I was selfishly letting her. I loved her company. She was a joy to talk with and there was no subject we were afraid to touch. I never had that connection with anyone, including her mother, who I adored. And of course she was also easy on the eyes.

Finally one year, at the age of twenty four, she decided it was time for her to do some schooling and try something different. It came as an awkward and sudden decision, one that had me concerned I had done something wrong. Or maybe she came to realize the way I really felt about her, as more than a daughter. It was difficult on both of us to say goodbye. We had become so close. She enrolled in a school about two hours away and moved in with her younger sister, so I wasn’t worried about her, but I sure missed her during that time. She was gone nearly two years and I’d see her every couple of weekends, which helped. It was during this period that her mother passed away. A couple months later she returned home.

We once again we’re working together, and I had my right hand back. She picked right back up where she left off with her work skills. She was now twenty six years old, and other than that, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri nothing seemed to change. All the years of hard work had trained her to take care of herself. She maintained a healthy diet and found time to exercise regularly. She also benefited from the family genes. My father was trim all his life as was I, and so was Sheri. I think we simply had naturally higher metabolisms.

I think I had better mention, the fact she looked just the same, other than her breasts swinging a little lower, had me fighting my perverse thoughts of her once again. It was all too easy to fantasize about her as I would lay in bed at night. I could imagine her every curve as I masturbated, desiring what I would never have. And as always, afterward, I’d feel like a sick prick.

Anyway, she was back and work was going well, always busy. Once again we were able to talk and enjoy each others company. The years just seemed to roll by and before I knew it, it had been six years since losing my wife. And this brings us current and to my story.


Being in a small rural area we often traveled long distances to job sites, and during these trips we often had our best conversations. It’s funny too, that we also sometimes never said anything. We were just comfortable being together. It was on one particularly long trip things started to change.

I had taken a job some three hours away and knew it would take us about a day and a half to complete. So we loaded the truck with our tools, material and over night bags as we planned on staying at a nearby motel that night. Off we went. It was going to be a boring trip as we were traveling on the I-40 interstate for two of those hours. We didn’t talk much the first half hour and just watched the scenery whiz by. We had just gotten onto the interstate when Sheri decided to break the silence.

“Dad?” I looked over at her, she looked deep in thought.

“Yea honey?”

“Do you think I’ll ever find someone?” She continued to stare out the side window.

“You mean like a husband?”

“Yea, that, or just someone to be with.”

“Just what exactly are you asking me?” I did feel confused. There was a sub text I could feel, just beneath the surface. We knew each other that well.

She sighed. “I’m not sure myself. I guess I’m just wondering if I missed the boat. You know, starting a family or doing things like everyone else.”

“Are you feeling concerned or unhappy?”

“No, it’s not that, I just feel like I’m missing out on some of life’s experiences.”

“OK, and what exactly are you missing out on? You need to be specific if you can.”

She looked at me briefly and shot me a weak smile. “I’ve never been intimate with a man.” I saw her cheeks blush as she turned to look out the side window again.

This wasn’t shocking news to me. If she had a boyfriend I’d have been the first to know. It wasn’t from a disinterest on her part, she just never found anyone she got excited about. I acted a little shocked for her sake.

“Never?! What about when you were at school?”

She shrugged, still looking out the window.

“Are you feeling….. “, I was looking for the right word, “desperate? Like it may never happen for you?”

She turned and looked out the windshield. She nodded weakly. “Not desperate, but yea, worried, it’ll never happen for me.”

“How long have you been feeling this way?” It was dawning on me that she had a real fear and it started to concern me.

“For a while now. I’ve been thinking about it more just lately though. I’m not unhappy,” she flashed me a grin, “it’s more like an itch I can’t reach. Does that make sense?”

“Sure. Why do you think you’ll never be with someone, you know, like that?”

“Because every date I’ve ever been on ends the same. I’m disinterested after getting to know them or they just creep me out. When I was at school I could have been with a number of guys. Hot guys. Young guys. But each time I found myself turned off by their need to get into my pants. Like they were desperate and needy. They had no interest in ME, just this.” She waved her hands up and down her sides.

“And that bothers you.”

“Yes, very much. I feel like my options are getting fewer and the guys are slipping lower and lower beneath my standards”. She shrugged again. “It has me concerned.”

“I don’t know what to say about that. All I do know is that you have a family that loves you dearly. You are every niece and nephews favorite aunt. It’s almost as though you have more loving children than any of us. As to your ‘standards’, they are an indication of your depth and integrity. Your are the most beautiful woman I know and the fact that you could have your pick of suitors and still hold up your standards and refuse to lower them or settle, screams volumes. I honestly don’t see a problem.”

She was smiling broadly and blushing. “I don’t know about all that…”

“Really?” I looked at her, challenging her.

“OK. I’m wonderful.” She laughed.

“Damn right.” I wasn’t joking around. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri “Can I ask you an intimate question?”

“Go ahead. What?”

“Do you take care of yourself when you’re feeling……. you know…….in need?” I had a tight grin and raised my eyebrows.

She blushed again, looking down into her lap, not making eye contact. “Yessss dad. I have.”

“You find it fleeting afterward, right?”

Her embarrassment vanished. “Yes, it is. I even feel a little hollow after. But it helps on occasion.”

“I get it.” I guess I had some look on my face because Sheri quickly responded, “You as well?”

That took me off guard. I took a deep breath to gather my thoughts. “Yea, me too. And it’s the same circle. A quick fix followed by nothing. So you need a fix again with no change in the long term affect.”

“Yea, a circle.” She was nodding. She also was smiling. I think she realized someone understood and she wasn’t alone. We talked a little more about similar things and I could see her concern waning. We concluded our discussion shortly after that and moved the topic to work and the job we were headed to.


We had a very good day of work, getting more done than I had expected. Sheri seemed energized all day and I just fed off her energy. I knew we still had about three hours of tying up loose ends, but tomorrow was going to be an easy day. So we decided to get our room and go out for a nice meal, since we found ourselves in a larger town with more options.

We drove to the local Sheridan and went in to book a room. I went to the clerk’s desk while Sheri went to the table with all the local attraction info. I soon learned that they didn’t have any rooms left with double queens. Nor were there any adjoining rooms, just single queens, and only a few of those. Apparently there was a classic car show in town and pickings were slim. That explained the number of old muscle cars I drooled over when driving through the parking lot.

I motioned Sheri over and informed her of the problem. She had no problem with sharing a bed and after all, ‘it wasn’t the first time.’ That was true as we had shared a bed a couple of times before over the years. It was just something I tried to avoid. So it was settled and I booked it.

We settled into our room and made preparations to go out and eat. We had decided on a nice steak house so decided to clean up some. We both washed up and I changed into clean denims and a nice button down shirt. Sheri was is the bathroom changing into the dress she brought along in anticipation for this. We didn’t go out much at home. She entered the room and my mouth dropped open! She was wearing a pale yellow sun dress that was her mother’s! It was gorgeous on her!

But more than that, she was a vision. As a woman thirty two years of age, she looked like a twenty year old. She always had such perfect skin, like porcelain, and her pores seemed non-existent. She still didn’t require any makeup to get the look that women craved. All she needed to do was keep her eyebrows plucked and perhaps a little lipstick on her sculpted lips, when in the mood, and she was ready to go.

Her face had the brightest and most expressive dark blue eyes. Her nose had character and fit her face perfectly, a nice size. A big mouth with a wide smile, full of white teeth. Her blond hair, long and straight, hadn’t seen scissors in a long time, and was kept tucked behind her ears, when it wasn’t styled. Her ears, which she disliked the most about herself, stuck out a little. I thought they were cute.

Sheri was medium in height and slim at 5’6″, 115 lbs. Her shoulders were straight and wide, yet feminine. Large breasts, either a large C or small D, stood high on her chest with very little sagging, even at her age. They appeared pointier and more separated than others of her size. Her waist was slim, not thin, with enough meat through her middle to give the appearance of health and strength. Her hips flared gradually with out any sharp angles. Her ass cheeks were small, smaller than most, and round, like two tear drops, side by side. Long legs, also slim, not thin, were straight and smooth. With her feet together, her legs never quite touched, all the way up to the narrow gap between her thighs. Thin smooth ankles ended on small petite feet, size five. In all, she had a healthy, strong appearance, sculpted in a smooth flowing, slim form. I had to blink to break the spell I found myself in.

“I hope it’s okay for me to wear this?” she asked, hesitation written across her face. I think she was unsure how I’d react. “I found this in the back of your closet. I know it was mom’s, but it looked so pretty I had to try it. Do you mind?”

“No, not at all. I’d almost forgotten about it. It was her favorite.”

Sheri stepped closer and turned, “Zip me up?” she asked. I looked at her exposed back, creamy white skin without a blemish. She was obviously bra-less.

“Sure.” My hands almost trembled as I reached for the zipper, down near her pantie line. Pulling the zipper away güvenilir bahis şirketleri from her as I pulled it up I caught a glimpse of her pink panties. I felt myself blush.

“I never saw mom in this. Why?” I had reached the top, between her shoulder blades.

“She only wore it a few times when I was courting her. And when she got pregnant with you she couldn’t fit into it anymore. In fact she was never able to fit into it again. But she loved it and never had the heart to give it away.”

She turned back around and I flinched, dazed by how she looked. She ‘owned’ that dress. The top was straight cut all around. It went just below her shoulder blades and low over her ample chest. A slim strap attached on either side of her breasts and went around her neck, halter fashion. The entire upper portion was made of the elastic material used on tube tops in the seventies. The skirt attached at the waist line and flowed to just above her knees. On her feet were cream colored canvas heels, three inch, with solid soles, open toes and an ankle strap. The only jewelry was a gold heart locket on a thin chain. Simple and cute.

Sheri asked me to check her head for any sawdust as she sat at the desk to brush her hair. We were planning on showering when we got back. As I stood behind her she tilted her head back, eyes closed, so I could look her over. And boy, did I! Her ample cleavage was in full view as I carefully examined her hair. I finished, gave her the all clear, and out the door we went.


I had booked our table as soon as we decided where we were eating, afraid of a long wait due to the car show. The parking lot was full, which I had suspected would be the case. As we walked to the door Sheri took hold of my arm which is something she has done before over the last couple of years, depending on the circumstances. It always made me feel special, and I hoped she felt the same. We stepped up to the host’s table and waited for someone to show up to seat us. Sheri had turned around, hand still on my arm, to look at the art display they had just inside the door.

“Will it be just you and your wife sir?”, asked the host as he approached. I was just going to tell him our name when Sheri turned back around upon hearing him. The look on his face as he saw her was priceless! He looked like he had really stepped in it and appeared uncomfortable. We just smiled and I gave him our name. With out making any further eye contact he showed us to our seats and wished us a pleasant evening.

“I kind of feel bad for that guy,” I said. “Did you see his face?” I was smiling, near laughter.

“I did. I’m not sure why he reacted like that though. I mean it was an honest mistake, not something to get anxious about.”

“Really? I mean you’re obviously much younger than me and appear even more so. I must of looked like some old perv.” I was still finding it funny.

“I think you’re mistaken about that dad.”, she added flatly, looking around and looking annoyed. “I’ll be right back, I need the bathroom.” She got up and left. I watched her walk away, her skirt flinging side to side with her natural sway. I admired her long slender legs and small round ass. Her hair, long and straight, hung down to the middle of her back between broad straight shoulders. All I could think was wow, she is sexy. And what was with her anyway? I didn’t understand her sudden annoyance.

As I watched her return, I noticed all the eyes on her as she passed, men and women alike. She was stunning in that simple yellow dress. I noticed how her breast gently jiggled with her stride. I took the time to appreciate how truly lucky I was to have someone like her in my life all this time. To live in the same house, to work with and enjoy the many moments we got to share. I suddenly felt extremely fortunate.

“Why you looking at me like that?”, she said as she sat, still seeming irritated.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know I had a face going. Just thinking how nice you look tonight. Why you mad at me?”, I asked under hushed tones.

“I’m not mad. It’s nothing, really.” I wasn’t buying it.

“Come on. Somethings got you bugged. Did I do something?” Just then the waiter showed up. We ordered our meals and a couple glasses of wine. He left and I turned my attention back to Sheri.


“Really dad, it’s okay. I’m just being silly.”

“Alright, I accept that. But silly or not I’d like to know what you’re thinking. Please?” She gave me a look of exasperation and took a deep breath. Her breasts pushed up, out of her top, threatening to spill out.

“It’s just that I don’t like the way you look at yourself. It pisses me off.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Just now, we came in and got a reaction from that guy up front. You found it funny. You assumed he was uncomfortable because he saw an ogre with a young lady. Or an old fool with a gold digger wife. Or any other inappropriate scenario, and I don’t much care for that. Maybe he was just surprised a little and knew he showed it which made him feel awkward with us. If we had walked up to him and he’d seen us approach together, then what? Still freaked out by the ‘obvious difference’ in our age? Well maybe he would have seen what I do, a nice looking man with a younger wife. Or a father with his daughter.” She folded her arms and leaned back. I could tell she felt like she had said to much.

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