A Different Type of Sex

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My wife and I are unable to enjoy normal sexual relations do to an ongoing medical condition with my wife. She is completely unable to have any form of sex without pain and severe bleeding. I have tried to be understanding, but it does get difficult sometimes. However, my wife came up with a rather interesting way of solving the problem.

Since she has lost all interest in sex, I have had to resort to masturbation; an affair is not something I would never do. My wife did say that I can chase all the girls I want, but I am not allowed to catch any. Recently she bought me a male masturbation sleeve; you know one of those false pussies. I didn’t really like to use it, but she talked me into and I found it quite enjoyable, but still only used it rarely.

She surprised me once again the other night. I came home from work, a little late, and found the kids in bed and her waiting for me. She told me to take a shower and meet her in bed. I figured another night cuddling as that is all she can do.

Fifteen minutes and a quick shower and we were laying in bed together. I was naked and she was only dressed in panties. She started with warm kisses and lots of tongue. It was like she was trying to seduce me. She worked her illegal bahis way down my body but would not let me touch her in any way. She said that this was my night. Her hand reached down and started to caress my cock. Rubbing the head of my dick with her thumb, she quickly got me fully hard.

Her tongue worked down my neck and started to roll around my nipple. This really got me twisting and turning. She knows that I am very sensitive there and she teased me without mercy for several minutes. She shifted to the other nipple. This caused her to climb up on me and lay down. The feeling of her skin on mine was electric and her weight help hold me in place as she teased me.

She slowly worked her way further down my body, licking and biting as she went. Approaching my groin she engulfed my dick completely into her mouth and throat. I tried to keep still, but had difficultly doing so. Her head bobbed up and down in my lap. The blow job was delightful. It was the first intimate contact in years. I did my best to hold out and she helped by not trying to bring me off. It was just a slow and loving oral caress. I closed my eyes and lay back to enjoy.

She tongued my dick and slurped my balls. Her hands worked my balls illegal bahis siteleri and played with my perineum. Suddenly I felt a cold drizzle on my dick. I sat up quickly and saw her pouring lube over my cock. She pushed me back down on the bed as she kept licking my balls as she worked the lube over my penis. She passed something into my hands. I felt the sleeve’s material and looked down at her.

She told me to put in on as she continued to toy with my nuts. I finally understood what she was up to. She was going to jerk me off with this sleeve as if it was her pussy. I pulled it open and pushed myself into it. She watched with interest, saying that next time she wanted to be able to do everything. The sleeve settled into position and she pushed my hands away and took over.

She started to jerk me off with the sleeve, the feeling was better than when I did myself. It did start to feel more like I was actually having sex. She held the sleeve tight and slid it up and down slowly, as if she was just starting to ride me. She slowly increased speed continued to fuck me with my sleeve. I twisted and turned on the bed

She kept on working my cock, varying her pace to extend the pleasure. She kept letting canlı bahis siteleri my dick slid back into the sleeve causing me to shudder. When she went slowly the feeling was electric. When she went fast she would squeeze me extra tight and work me harder. It felt like her kegel muscles were locking on my cock.

She took me to the edge of orgasm when she started to play with my balls. All the time she was fucking me she was talking to me. Telling me that this was like when we could have sex, when I could fuck her and feel close to her. Her nails plucked at my nuts and she kept talking dirty to me. I was right on the edge when she did the unthinkable.

She told me to imagine that there was another woman with us and that she would do this. Then she leaned down and licked my balls as she squeezed me cock in the sleeve. I lost control and shot my load. She kept on fucking me with the sleeve and licking my balls. I arched off the bed and shot the biggest load if have released in a long time. She milked me for several minutes until I was completely spent.

She let me relax as she slowly pulled the sleeve off me and started to lick the cum off my cock. I was completely whipped. She slowly nursed on my cock cleaning me up and telling me that it was the most intimate we had been in a long time.

As she finished cleaning me up she climbed back up my body and lay down with me. As we snuggled she kissed my check and we drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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